UFC Mike Mathetha Wikipedia Age And Wife Net Worth 2023

Mike Mathetha Wikipedia

Mike Mathetha Wikipedia: The renwoned MMA fighter Michael “Blood Diamond” Mathetha has a professional record of 3 wins and 2 losses.

The professional fighter was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and the 5’11” welterweight now fights out of New Zealand.

With a kickboxing background, Mathetha compiled a pro MMA record of 3-2 before losing his last two bouts, including most recently on July 30, 2022.

Nicknamed “Blood Diamond,” Mathetha has yet to gain a sponsorship affiliation or college background. He possesses a 76-inch reach and last weighed in at 170.3 lbs.

While originally from Zimbabwe, he currently resides in New Zealand as he works to get his MMA career back on track.

Additionally, Mathetha has ample time to bounce back from consecutive losses and grow his earning potential.

Also, his power and varied striking background provide building blocks if he can shore up weaknesses that led to recent defeats.

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UFC Mike Mathetha Wikipedia and Age

The well-known fighter was born on 1988, as of 2024, 35 years old.

Although he is famous and known by millions of people, Mike Mathetha Wikipedia page is not featured yet.

Therefore, details about his educational background and most of his personal details remain hidden from the media.

Mike Mathetha Wikipedia
                                             MMA fighter Mathetha gives big shout out to @engageind (Source: Instagram)

Mathetha is followed by thousands of people who are inspired by his exceptional fighting skills and tactics.

In addition to his MMA fighting career, he also serves as a personal trainer.

Additionally, Mike, also known as “Blood Diamond,” has not disclosed details related to his parents and siblings.

Further details about Mike Mathetha Wikipedia are not readily available as of now.

Mike Mathetha wife

As Mike rises as a promising MMA athlete, his fans are eager to know whether he is married.

Nevertheless, Mathetha is recognised for maintaining a discreet stance when it comes to his personal life, particularly his marital status.

Mike Mathetha Wikipedia
Image of Mike and Eddie Petelo before their fighter (Source: Instagram)

When browsing through his Instagram account, it becomes evident that most of his posts are focused on pictures and videos from his fights, and there is scarce to no mention of his marital status.

Also, the confidentiality demonstrates how devoted Mike is to his work in MMA. He would rather talk about his victories in battle than his personal life.

Mike’s followers and the internet community will have to wait and be patient until he decides to tell everyone about his wife and provide some information about her.

Mike Mathetha net worth 2023

As mentioned earlier, MMA fighter Mike is well-known for keeping many parts of his life private, including information about how much money he has.

But on the internet, some sources make guesses about how much money he might have, and some people think he could have around $1 million.

It’s important to know that these numbers are just guesses and are made by people on the internet.

Also, it’s possible that Mike has earned even more money than these guesses say.

His amazing talent as a fighter and athlete could have brought him a lot of money from things like fight prizes, sponsorships, and deals with brands.

Because we don’t really know how much he has, it makes his career more interesting, and people who follow MMA like to guess and talk about it.

But in the end, only Mike knows exactly how much money he’s made in the sport.

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