Tyson Beckford Partner 2023: Divorce With Ex Wife Berniece Julien

Tyson Beckford Partner

Who is Tyson Beckford Partner in 2023? The model is currently single but has been in several relationships.

Tyson Beckford’s birthdate is December 19, 1970. He is a famous American Model and actor best known for his Ralph Lauren Polo model work.

Tyson was named “Man Of The Year” by VH 1 1995. Also, He earned the spot on People Magzine’s list of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World”.

Beckford is considered one of the most successful black male supermodels in history. He has hosted the Bravo TV show “Make Me a Supermodel” for two seasons.

On “Make Me a Supermodel,” he co-hosted alongside fellow supermodel Niki Taylor. Also, Tyson has served as a judge and mentor for the early episodes of its Australian version of the show.

2012 Tyson participated in the Fox dating game show “The Choice.” Additionally, he served as one of the judges on the British version of America’s Next Top Model.

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Tyson Beckford Partner In 2023

As of the present, Tyson Beckford finds himself unattached without any romantic relationship with anyone.

Tyson Beckford Partner
Tyson Beckford, the supermodel, is presently single and unmarried. (Source: Pinterest)

The supermodel is currently single. He has not revealed any hint that possibly suggests he is dating someone.

Nevertheless, he might be in a relationship with someone. It is common in the entertainment industry for celebrities to hide their romantic connections.

Tyson Beckford’s partner is a mystery as of 2023. The celebrity would probably date someone in the future.

However, Tyson’s past is peppered with a history of romantic entanglements. His dating history tallies up to at least a dozen previous relationships.

Among the notable names in his dating history is Paige Butcher. He was in a relationship with her in 2009 and ended their relationship soon after dating for a specific time.

In the same year, 2009, Tyson was linked with Berniece Julie. Their dating rumors were confirmed with their pictures of holding hands.

His relationship Timeline also includes involvement with CariDee English. They dated for more than a year, from 2008 to 2010.

Furthermore, the host was connected with Shanina Shaik. The two were in love and dated for about five years.

Venturing further back in time, Tyson was romantically involved with April Ropomet. The couple dated from 1997 to 1999.

Additionally,  rumors have swirled about a potential link with Tatyana Ali in 2015. The accuracy of these rumors remains uncertain.

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Tyson Beckford’s Divorce With Ex-Wife Berniece Julien

Tyson Beckford and Berniece Julien’s relationship began in 2006. They crossed paths at a party in Los Angeles.

Tyson Beckford partner
Tyson Beckford’s ex-wife, Berniece Julien, is an entrepreneur. (Source: Pinterest)

Their initial meeting sparked mutual interest. The lovebirds were in contact with each other, which led to them officially becoming a couple.

What set their union apart was their commitment to maintaining privacy. They had a secret wedding on January 4, 2007.

The pair chose to exchange vows in a private ceremony. Their wedding was held in Grenada, a beautiful Caribbean Island.

A select group of close friends and family members attended their wedding ceremonies. They successfully managed to prevent any leaked photographs.

Unfortunately, the marital bliss was short-lived. Tyson and Berniece decided to part ways and live separately in 2009.

This decision was made despite their relatively brief time together. Their separation did not affect any other people but themselves.

After their divorce, Berniece, an entrepreneur, opted for a more private life. She distanced herself from the public eye.

Moreover, there were rumors about their possible second low-key wedding in 2017. These claims lacked concrete evidence.

Throughout their marriage and divorce, Tyson and Berniece successfully hid the details of their personal lives.

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