Tyler Davis Missing Ohio Man: Declared Officially Dead

Tylas Davis Missing

Is Tyler Davis missing the Ohio man dead or alive? Police are still searching for his presence, and his family is in tragedy.

Tyler Davis, a young father aged 29, went missing from Columbus, Ohio, on February 24, 2019.

Tyler and his wife, Brittany Davis, had planned a night at a hotel near Easton Town Center, a popular shopping complex in Columbus.

The couple had a 20-month-old son and cherished the rare occasions when they could have time to themselves.

On the night of Tyler’s disappearance, he and Brittany were joined by a close friend visiting them at the hotel. They walked around the Easton Town Center, having dinner and enjoying the evening.

However, around 3:00 am, Tyler’s behavior changed, and he appeared confused and frustrated. He told Brittany he was going for a walk and left the hotel with their friend.

Tyler later called Brittany, saying he would be right back at the hotel. However, Tyler was not with him when the couple’s friend returned to the hotel.

Tyler called Brittany again, claiming he saw the hotel and was walking through the woods, but the call abruptly ended. His phone was then turned off and has remained off since that time.

Tyler Davis Missing Ohio Man

Tyler Davis, a 29-year-old man from Wilmington, Ohio, went missing on February 24, 2019, from the Hilton Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio.

He had been in Columbus with his wife, Brittany Davis, to celebrate her birthday. Around 3:00 am, Tyler left the hotel for a walk and didn’t return.

Despite extensive efforts by his family, friends, and local authorities, Tyler’s whereabouts remained unknown.

Tyler’s mysterious disappearance prompted a community-wide search and the creation of a website called “Bring Tyler Davis Home.”

Tyler Davis Missing
The Colombus police department found CCTV footage of Tyler Davis walking in the car parking lot late at night. (Source: ABC6)

This site, created by volunteers, detailed Tyler’s physical appearance and the circumstances of his disappearance.

He was described as 5’10” tall, weighing 170 lbs, with short brown hair and brown eyes. His right arm had a distinctive red birthmark that continued up to his neck, chest, and right hand.

Tyler’s family and friends were deeply concerned about his well-being, and his wife emphasized that Tyler would not have left willingly, as he was a responsible individual and a loving father to their young son.

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On-Going Investigation On Tylas Davis Missing Update  

Despite ongoing efforts to locate Tyler, he was officially declared legally deceased by a Clinton County court on December 15, 2021, nearly three years after his disappearance.

The civil case to declare him deceased was filed in October of the same year.

This legal declaration followed the criteria of Ohio law, allowing for a missing person to be declared legally deceased after five years of continuous absence.

Also, it permits when the missing person is exposed to a specific peril of death at the beginning of their absence.

Tyler Davis Missing
Tyler Davis’ wife, Brittany Davis, struggles after her husband’s disappearance. (Source: Columbus Monthly)

Tyler’s disappearance left his family and the community with many unanswered questions. There were various accounts and timelines of his activities leading up to his disappearance.

His last communications with his wife were puzzling, indicating confusion and feeling lost.

The circumstances surrounding his disappearance remain a mystery.

Despite the legal declaration of his death, the exact events that led to Tyler’s vanishing remain unknown, leaving his loved ones seeking closure and answers.

Clinton County Announced Tyler Davis Missing Ohio Man Declared Dead

Tyler Davis, a 29-year-old Ohio man, went missing on February 24, 2019, from the Hilton Easton Town Center in Columbus. He had been in Columbus to celebrate his wife Brittany’s birthday.

Tyler was last seen around 3 am near the hotel, and his disappearance remained a mystery for almost three years. Despite extensive search efforts, no trace of him was found.

On December 15, 2021, a Clinton County court declared Tyler Davis legally deceased based on Ohio’s presumption of death laws.

The declaration followed the stipulation that a missing person could be declared deceased after being missing for five years.

Also, when they were continuously absent from their last known location and were exposed to a specific peril of death.

Tyler Davis Missing
Tyler Davis’s family is searching for him, who disappeared at Easton Ohio road. (Source: Fox 28)

Despite the legal declaration, the circumstances surrounding Tyler’s disappearance remain unclear.

He was last heard when he called his wife and stated that he was walking through the woods and could see the hotel. The call abruptly ended, and Tyler’s phone was subsequently turned off.

Despite extensive searches and investigations, no evidence was found to shed light on his whereabouts.

Tyler Davis’ case remains unresolved, leaving his family and community with unanswered questions about his fate.

Despite the legal declaration of his death, whether he is dead or alive remains unanswered, and the circumstances of his disappearance continue to be a source of mystery and concern.

Is Tyler Davis Missing Ohio Man Found Or Not?

Despite extensive efforts to locate him and ongoing search endeavors, including community involvement and social media outreach, Tyler’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Numerous leads and potential sightings were investigated, but none led to Tyler’s discovery. His disappearance has remained a mystery, leaving his family and friends searching for answers.

Tyler Davis Missing
Tyler Davis’ wife, Brittany Davis, is still searching for her husband after he was declared dead legally in court. (Source: WSYX)

Given the circumstances and the legal declaration, Tyler Davis has been recognized as legally deceased.

Despite the absence of conclusive information, the search for Tyler and the efforts to uncover the truth about his disappearance continue to be a part of the ongoing discussion within the community.

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