Treasure Hunter Roger Miklos Wikipedia Bio Age Height And Net Worth

Roger Miklos

Roger Miklos was a famous treasure hunter and TV personality who appeared on the show “Cooper’s Treasure” with his son Darrell Miklos. He was known for his passion for exploring the ocean and finding sunken ships and artifacts. In this article, we will explore Roger Miklos Wikipedia Bio.

Roger Miklos is an American treasure hunter who gained fame for his search for the remains of the legendary pirate ship, the Golden Fleece.

Miklos was a member of the original team that discovered the Spanish shipwreck, the Atocha, in 1985.

Miklos has spent years researching and exploring the waters off the coast of Florida, where he believes the Golden Fleece went down.

His search has been featured on the television show “Cooper’s Treasure” on the Discovery Channel.

Treasure Hunter Roger Miklos Wikipedia Bio explored

Roger Miklos started his career as a police officer in Reno, Nevada, and later worked with the DEA in Nassau, Bahamas.

He became interested in treasure hunting after reading books and using metal detectors on the beach.

He met Kip Wagner, a professional treasure hunter, who offered him a job and introduced him to Gordon Cooper, an astronaut who had a map of shipwrecks.

Roger Miklos and Gordon Cooper became friends and partners and collaborated on several treasure-hunting projects.

 Roger Miklos
Old picture of Treasure-hunter Roger Miklos and Jon Christiansen. (Source: Daily Express)

They also appeared together on The Merv Griffin Show in 1978.

Roger’s most notable discovery was the Atocha shipwreck, which sank in 1622 and contained valuable artifacts and gold. 

Miklos was also a controversial figure who faced legal troubles and disputes with other treasure hunters.

He was accused of stealing artifacts, trespassing on protected sites, and violating environmental laws. He was involved in several lawsuits and investigations over his activities.

Roger retired from treasure hunting in the late 2000s and passed on his knowledge and maps to his son Darrell, who continued his legacy on “Cooper’s Treasure.”

Miklos passed away in 2018. He suffered a heart attack while driving his car in Florida.

He left behind a legacy of adventure, mystery, and many unanswered questions about his discoveries and secrets.

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Roger Miklos Age and Height revealed

Roger Miklos was born in Los Angeles, California on June 16, 1943. He was 81 years old at the time of his death.

He had a height of 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters). He had a distinctive appearance with long white hair and a beard.

He wore glasses and a cowboy hat. He was known for his charismatic personality and adventurous spirit.

Roger Miklos was born to William and  Marie Miklos. His father worked as a machinist and a mechanic. His mother was a homemaker who raised Roger and his three siblings.

Roger Miklos Wikipedia
Roger Miklos with his second wife Sheila. (Source: Facebook)

In 1970, Roger married Linda Sue Smith, a native of West Virginia who shared his love for the ocean. He had four children from his first marriage: Darrell, Lauren, Kim, and Kelly. He later married his second wife Sheila.

Roger’s family followed in his footsteps and pursued their careers in treasure hunting.

Roger Miklos Net Worth revealed

Roger had an estimated net worth of $2 million. This was mainly derived from his treasure hunter and TV personality career.

He also owned a collection of rare coins and artifacts he had recovered from various expeditions.

Roger Miklos
Roger Miklos with his son Darrell at the show Cooper’s Treasure. (Source: Lionsgateplus)

Roger Miklos also appeared on several TV shows and documentaries about treasure hunting, such as The Mysterious World of Gordon Cooper, The Search for Atlantis, and Cooper’s Treasure.

He gained fame and recognition for his expertise and charisma. Roger also wrote a book called Roger Miklos: Rogue Treasure Hunter, which chronicled his adventures and discoveries.

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