Travis Bennett Girlfriend: Is He Still Dating Christina Nadin?

Travis Bennett Girlfriend

Travis Bennett Girlfriend has caught the interest of the people on the internet. Many people are curious to know if he is still in a relationship with Christina Nadin. To know more, read the article below.

Travis Bennett, also known as Yung Taco, is an American actor, rapper, and DJ.

However, he gained recognition for appearing in the popular television show “Odd Future”.

Likewise, Travis involvement with the hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) made him more known to the public.

Notably,  Bennett is a close friend of Tyler, The Creator, the group’s founder.

In addition, Taco has pursued a career in music and has released several tracks, both as a solo artist and as part of collaborations with other artists. 

Furthermore, he has showcased his DJ skills at various events and festivals, including Coachella.

Travis Bennett Girlfriend: Is He Still Dating Christina Nadin?

The topic of Travis Bennett Girlfriend has been quite an interest among fans.

Moreover, many have expressed their curiosity about his relationship with Christina Nadin.

Unfortunately, according to the thread on Reddit, Taco has already parted ways with Nadin.

Travis Bennett Girlfriend
Travis Bennett Girlfriend was Christina Nadin until the couple broke up. (Source: Reddit)

Although, the reason behind their break has not been revealed yet. Many of their fans have been sad to hear them part ways.

Their social media posts show Travis and Christina started dating in 2019. Yung Taco often shared cute photos of him and Cristina on Instagram.

However, some fans have noticed that Bennett and Nadin have not posted anything about each other for a while.

Moreover, the last time they appeared together on Instagram was in 2020.

Since then, they have been silent about their relationship status, sparking rumors of their breakup.

Although, Travis Bennett girlfriend has parted ways with him. We hope they remain happy and healthy.

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Travis Bennett dating history

Apart from his relationship with Christina, there is no information about his dating history.

There have been many speculations about Kendall Jenner being Travis Bennett girlfriend in the past but there is no evidence to support this rumor.

Moreover, Taco and Kendall are only friends who have supported each other.

Travis Bennett Girlfriend
Travis Bennett with his friends. (Source: Instagram)

However, eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the American actor could be in a new relationship as of 2023.

Fans have speculated Travis could be dating Juliana Salazar due to her Instagram post. However, none of this rumor has been confirmed.

Travis may be single as of now, or he could be in a low-profile relationship with his girlfriend.

Until and unless he is ready to open up about his new relationship to the fans, people can only speculate about who could be Travis Bennett girlfriend.

Travis Bennett And Christina Nadin age Gap

Despite Taco’s break up with Nadin, many have been curious to know about their age gap.

According to Famous Birthdays, Bennett was born on  May 16, 1994, and Nadin was born on March 7, 1995.

So, there was one year gap between them when they were in a relationship.

Travis Bennett Girlfriend
There has been much speculation about Travis’s new relationship but nothing has been confirmed yet. (Source: Instagram)

Moving onto his career, Yung Taco is still pursuing his career in TV and film.

Notably, Bennett was a cast member in the highly acclaimed TV show called “Dave,” created by Lil Dicky. 

Additionally, Taco starred in another series called “Hanging With Kuz,” which follows the life of LA Lakers star Kyle Kuzma off the basketball court.

Moreover, in June 2023,  Bennett attended the Saint Laurent men’s show in Berlin. 

While little is known about Bennett’s romantic life, the American actor seems booked and busy.

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