Tony Bellew Parents: Meet Mother Gail Bellew And Father

Tony Bellew Parents

Boxing lovers are curious about Tony Bellew parents and family. Bellew receives all the attention as the former English boxer wows audiences with his remarkable talent. 

Sports followers might recognize professional boxer, Tony Bellew. The talented former English boxer received fame for competing in the Heavyweight, Cruiserweight, and Light heavyweight divisions in the boxing scene.

He was born on 30 November 1982. He is from Liverpool, United Kingdom.

He has competed as a professional boxer in various categories from 2007 to 2018. Likewise, he won the WBC cruiserweight title twice in 2016 and 2017.

Similarly, the boxer competed for the undisputed cruiserweight championship in 2018. 

He announced his departure on 22 November 2018. After retirement, he served as a boxing analyst and commentator. 

The charismatic English fighter’s stance was Orthodox. People know him as “Bomber.” Anthony Lewis Bellew, 40, dominated in more than 34 fights in his career.

The former boxer has an Instagram account with over 768 thousand followers as of this writing. He is active on the platform, with more than 1800 posts, mostly related to his fighting career.

Are you all excited to learn about Tony Bellew parents? Be with us as we reveal his family background and ethnicity.

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Tony Bellew Parents: Meet Mother Gail Bellew And Father

People are starting to like former boxer Tony Bellew, aka Bomber’s commentary, and want to know his parents. The former boxing star, now an analyst, amassed many followers through his skillful fighting talent.

According to the sources, Bellew was born and raised in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Reportedly, his father is of white race, and his mother, Gail Bellew, is Black. 

So, he is of mixed origin. However, his father’s name and details are a mystery as of this writing. 

Tony mentions his mother as an extremely tough and resilient woman. She inspired her son and helped him turn his fighting passion into a career. So, he learnt the fighting discipline.

The former boxer revealed that his mother had to suffer from horrific racism, and he got his fighting spirit from his tough and resilient mother. The world champion said:

My mum lived through horrific racism. She is extremely tough and resilient. She’s been through all this s**t with me, pops, and stuff like that.

Tony Bellew Parents and mother
Tony Bellew parents: The former boxer mentioned his mother as a strong woman. (Source: The Guardian)

Although his surname is common in the UK, barely any website has associated its ancestry. But his last name, Bellew, is of Norman (English, Irish and Scottish) origin

Similarly, the former boxer has rarely answered questions regarding his paternal side. It is common for fighters like him to not involve in family disputes and reveal their identities.

Also, Bellew isn’t much invested in publicly revealing his father and ancestry as he seems more focused on his career as an analyst. He has settled himself as a threatening opponent in the boxing scene.

While the fighter’s parents’ identities may interest his followers, what matters most is talent and hard work to improve his stats further.

Thanks to his mother’s constant support and dedication, Bellew improves regularly even after retirement and becomes the man he is today.

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Tony Bellew Family And Married Life

Bellew’s supporters are keen to learn about the love of his life. As of 2023, the former boxer is happily married to his wife, Rachael Roberts.

Liverpool-based former boxing star Tony tied the knot with his childhood love, Roberts. After marriage, the two started a family of their own.

Reportedly, Tony and Roberts were childhood friends. Eventually, the two began dating, and the rest became the sweetest love story everyone could remember.

The two had known each other since Tony was nine. Bellew is focused on his married life along with his career and dreams.

He is a proud father of three children, Cobey Bellew, Carter Bellew, and Corey Bellew. 

Tony Bellew Parents
Tony Bellew parents and wife: The former boxing champion and his wife, Rachael, are parents to three kids. (Source: The Mirror)

Reportedly, the romantic pair focus on their family goals and career.

Roberts supports her husband’s career. Likewise, the pair sometimes shares pictures of their cute family. 

However, Bellew rarely takes breaks from his commentary job despite being married. His family supported him at the crucial moment of the boxing championships. 

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