Tommy Fordham Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is TV Personality?

Tommy Fordham Wikipedia

Meet Tommy Mallet, who went from fixing things as a carpenter to rocking the fashion scene. His real name is Tommy Fordham, and he is not just about cool shoes but also a reality TV star.

Tommy Mallet is the guy who turned his love for sneakers into a multi-million-pound success story. He is now a reputed businessman and TV star.

Rising to fame on Towie, Tommy, also known as Tommy Fordham, has become one of the show’s most prosperous stars, not for his reality TV antics but for his passion for footwear.

Engaged to his Towie co-star, Georgia Kousoulou, Tommy is not just making headlines for his personal life.

As the entrepreneur behind Mallet London, he is raking in an incredible $7500 per day.

His journey from childhood, where he could not afford the trainers he desired to be listed on Forbes under 30 retail entrepreneurs, is nothing short of inspirational.

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Tommy Fordham Wikipedia

Tommy Fordham’s Wikipedia highlights his journey from being impoverished to becoming an influential businessman. He is the founder of Mallet London.

Tommy Fordham Wikipedia
Tommy Fordham is a self-established millionaire. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the TV personality hails from London, United Kingdom. Despite facing challenges with dyslexia, he left school without formal qualifications.

Initially, the star pursued a career as a carpenter, showing his dedication and hard work. His journey took an exciting turn when he ventured into the world of reality TV.

Transitioning from carpentry, Tommy became a notable figure on television, capturing the audience’s attention.

Driven by his love for sneakers, he transformed his passion into a successful venture.

Furthermore, Fordham started his footwear line, Mallet London, established in 2015.

The brand swiftly gained recognition, and in 2022, it achieved remarkable success, with sales reaching GBP 11.8 million.

Mallet London’s shoes and apparel are now available in over 150 stores globally, marking a significant milestone for Tommy’s entrepreneurial journey.

Tommy Fordham  Age: How Old Is a TV Personality?

A 31-year-old entrepreneur, Tommy Fordham, grew up in Islington, north London. His parents made headlines by tying the knot on BBC’s Live Town in 1999, eloping to Gretna Green.

At 15, the millionaire moved to Essex with his parents, earning the nickname “Patrick Swayze of Essex.”

In 2014, he joined the cast of The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) during its 13th series.

Mr Fordham’s entrance into the show propelled him into the public eye, mainly due to his romantic involvement with stunning blonde Georgia Kousoulou.

Many of his storylines on TOWIE revolved around the development of their relationships. Before appearing on the show, Mallet was already close friends with James “Arg” Argent.

Tommy’s story is one of resilience, from his upbringing in Islington to navigating the dynamics of reality TV in Essex.

He is a dedicated and determined person.

Tommy Fordham Wife: Is He Married?

TOWIE stars Tommy Mallet and Georgia Kousoulo surprised everyone by tying the knot in a secret ceremony.

After a chaotic year filled with challenges, the couple decided to close it positively by becoming husband and wife.

Tommy Fordham Wikipedia
Tommy Fordham is happily married to his wife. (Source: Instagram)

Sharing a heartfelt moment with their son Brody, Georgia posted a picture revealing their wedding on December 1st.

Despite keeping it low-key, the pair looked stunning.

The year tested the duo with a heartbreaking miscarriage, their son’s illness, and the loss of Georgia’s beloved grandmother.

Amidst the hardship, Tommy, a self-made millionaire, secured a significant deal with Reebok.

The lovebird’s engagement in Mexico last year marked another high point in their eight-year relationship.

Despite the challenges, they planned a second ceremony to celebrate their union.

The two have been in love, and with each passing year together, their love for each other has blossomed.

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