Ting Ye DUI Arrest Charges: Porsche 911 Accident Killed Yabao Liu

Ting Ye DUI

Ting Ye DUI charge: She was involved in a severe car accident on a  Washington freeway, which resulted in the tragic death of her passenger.

Ting Ye is a Chinese individual at the centre of a tragic accident on a Washington freeway. She was the driver of a vehicle involved in a severe car crash, which resulted in the loss of life.

Ting, a 26-year-old woman, was drunk driving at the moment. After the accident, she was taken to the hospital.

However, the woman left the hospital without telling the police. After she left the hospital, she got on a flight from Canada to China, and the police issued a warrant for her arrest.

Ting may not have to come back to the United States for trial. However, if she ever goes to a country with an agreement with the US, like in Europe, she could be arrested and sent back.

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Ting Ye DUI Arrest Charges

Ting Ye DUI Arrest Charges: She was accused of causing a deadly crash while allegedly driving drunk in her Porsche on a Washington freeway. She has left the country and fled to China.

Ting Ye DUI
Ting Ye DUI charge: her bail was set at $2 million, but she fled to China before the arrest. (Source: KOMO News)

Moreover, the Chinese woman was charged with a severe crime called vehicular homicide. The bail was set at a very high $2 million.

Nevertheless, The woman managed to flee back to her home country before she could be arrested. The crash was caught on a new traffic camera.

The footage showed her driving fast, about 100 miles per hour before the accident. Ting Ye and her passenger, Liu, were in Washington for work.

Furthermore, after the accident, a person who helped in emergencies mentioned that Ting Ye smelled like alcohol.

The Police in Bellevue, Washington, believe Ting left the hospital with only minor injuries. She crossed the border into Canada and returned to China before they could charge her.

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Ting Ye Porsche 911 Accident Killed Yabao Liu

Ting Ye was driving very fast in her Porsche, almost 100 miles per hour, in Washington. She lost control of her car.

Her car crashed into a concrete barrier, flying through the air for about 100 feet. Then, it hit another concrete wall before landing upside down.

The passenger in the car, Yabao Liu, sadly passed away in the crash. Ting survived but was accused of driving while drunk.

The Police said that before the crash, Ye’s car was speeding through intersections at 92-94 mph. They found evidence of the crash being speedy.

Tire tracks from the culprit’s car showed she hit the concrete barrier at over 90 mph. They found no signs of her car hitting anything else before that.

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Who Is Yabao Liu?

Yabao Liu was a 27-year-old who sadly passed away in a car crash. There is limited information about Yabao as of now.

Ting Ye DUI
Ting Ye’s drunk driving killed her passenger, Yabao Liu. (Source: Daily Hive)

The crash itself was very severe. It happened near 108th Ave NE and SR 520 in Bellevue. The incident has damaged the car badly as well.

Ting, The driver, and Yabao Liu had to be rescued from the damaged car. Nevertheless, Ybao lost his life in the accident.

The police think that alcohol might have been a reason for the crash, but they are still investigating the incident.

Ting Ye left the country before she could be arrested. Now, the case involves international laws and the U.S. Department of Justice, making it even more complicated.

The main goal is to find justice for Yabao Liu and bring closure to his family. The sad incident took the life of an innocent 27-year-old.

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