Tim Gurner Kids: How Many? Wife And Family Ethnicity

Tim Gurner Kids

Who are Tim Gurner kids? Many sources say Tim has a son and a daughter with his lovely wife Aimee Gurner.

Tim Gurner is a notable Australian entrepreneur and property developer. He has significantly impacted the real estate industry, particularly in the luxury residential sector.

At 30, Tim founded a luxury development company known as GURNER. His company is known for its design-focused residences, elegant architecture, and timeless appeal.

Under his leadership, the company has increased. Moreover, Gurner has extended his influence into property management, wellness, hotels, retail, and build-to-rent industries.

Furthermore, Gurner participated in The CEO Magazine’s Executive of the Year Awards”. He was the judge for this show.

Tim’s success story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. It demonstrates the rewards of determination and hard work to pursue one’s passion.

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Who Are Tim Gurner Kids?

Tim Gurner is a famous businessman from Australia. He is pretty private and meticulously shares certain aspects of his life.

Tim Gurner Kids
Tim Gurner has two kids with his wife Aimee Gurner. (Source: The Guardian)

Moreover, The entrepreneur is a happily married man. He shares two children with his supportive and caring wife.

Tim Gurner kids are his lovely son and a beautiful daughter. His son’s name is Leo, and his daughter’s is Mila.

The businessman has not revealed their identities to the public. It is common in business to keep their loved ones away from the media.

Great fame and prestige in the business industry can attract enemies and danger. So, many want to keep their personal life as secret as possible.

Like many entrepreneurs, Tim also keeps his profile lowkey. He prefers to keep his private life out of the business world.

Many sources have talked about Tim Gurner Kids. However, Tim himself has not mentioned much about his children.

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Meet Tim Gurner Wife Aimee Gurner

Tim Gurner and his wife exchanged their wedding vowels in 2012. Their wedding was a luxurious ceremony in Bali.

Tim Gurner Kids
Tim Gurner is happily married to Aimee Gurner for years. (Source: Daily mail)

Tim and his partner, Aime,e met each other in 2009. The duo attended a birthday party of their mutual friend.

The couple immediately liked each other. They started dating soon after their first encounter and took their relationship to the next level.

Apart from being a caring and affectionate wife, Mrs. Gurner is an accomplished businesswoman of her own company.

Aimee is the owner of The Beauty Chef. Her brand is known for providing organic beauty care products.

Tim’s wife’s brand has gained several recognitions. The brand has fused creativity with products like the collagen Inner Beauty Boost.

Additionally, Mrs. Aimee is the cofounder of her husband’s Gurner Foundation business. The foundation aids several issues like anti-bullying campaigns and cancer research.

Apart from Aimee’s professional life, she is also a health-conscious person. She has helped Tim to stay in shape by engaging him in exercises and healthy diets.

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Tim Gurner Family Ethnicity

Tim Gurner was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1982 AD. He is the son of Colin Gurner and Sandie De Wolf.

The Millionaire’s family Ethnicity is Australian White. He grew up with his sister Kate Gurner in Australia with his parents.

Tim’s educational journey began at Carey Baptist School in Kew. He received a solid academic foundation and excelled as a sportsman.

Gurner pursued a commerce degree at Melbourne University during his higher education phase. However, he decided to take a break from his entrepreneurial ambitions.

As The Australian Financial Review’s 2022 Rich List indicates, This business Tycoon has achieved considerable financial success.

At 42, Tim is one of the world’s most influential and wealthiest people. His financial standing shows his determination and hard work.

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