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Tim Duncan

The former American basketball player and coach Timothy Theodore Duncan, aka Tim Duncan’s net worth, is a staggering $130 million.

The celebrated power forward of all time spent his entire 19-year basketball career with San Antonio Spurs.

He is a two-time NBA MVP, five-time NBA champion, 15-time NBA All-Star, and three-time NBA Finals MVP.

Tim Duncan
Tim Duncan (Source: Wake Forest Athletics)

Likewise, the 2020 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inductee was drafted by the Spurs in 1997 with the first overall pick.

Besides, he is the only player to be selected to both All-Defensive Teams and All-NBA for 13 consecutive seasons.

Spurs retired jersey number 21 in a postgame ceremony on December 18, 2016, which made Tim the eighth Spur in the franchise history to have his jersey retired.

Tim Duncan | Quick Facts

Birth Name Timothy Theodore Duncan
Known As Tim Duncan
Date of Birth April 25, 1976
Place of Birth Christiansted, U.S. Virgin Islands
Nickname The Big Fundamental, Timmy, Merlin, Groundhog Day, Tim
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
  • St. Croix Country Day School
  • Saint Dunstan’s Episcopal High School
  • Wake Forest University
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Father William Duncan
Mother Ione Duncan
Siblings Cheryl Duncan (Sister)
Tricia Duncan (Sister), Scott Duncan (Brother)
Age 47 Years Old
Manager Jim Tanner
Height 6’11”, 211 cm, 2.11 m
Weight 113 kg, 250 lbs
Shoe Size 16 (US)
Build Athletic
Favorite Food Steak & Shrimp
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Distinctive Features Towering Height, Often Keeps Beard, Tattoos
Body Measurement 50-38-15.5 inches
  • Basketball Player (Retired)
  • Basketball Coach
Playing Position Center / Power forward
Shirt Number 21
Active years  1997-2016 (player)
2019-present (coach)
Team San Antonio Spurs
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced
  • Amy Sherrill (1992-2013)
  • Amy Duncan (2001-2013) (Ex-Wife)
  • Vanessa Macias (2013-Present)
Favorite Music Rap & Reggae
Net Worth $130 Million
Salary $10 Million
Brand Endorsements Adidas, Bridgestone, AT&T, Sprite, Nike, Foot Locker, San Antonio
NBA Debut October 31, 1997
First Film 9 – Un chiffre, un home
TV Show Late Night with Conan O’Brien (1999)
Favorite Basketball Player Magic Johnson
Favorite Book Jurassic Park
Favorite Color Black
Favorite Film The Crow (1994)
Social Media Not Active
Merch Signed Basketball, Signed Spur Jersey, Signed Spalding The Champions Basketball, Signed Sport Magazine
Last Update December 2023

Tim Duncan | Net Worth & NBA Contracts

Net Worth

One of the lauded basketball players of all time, Tim Duncan’s net worth as of December 2023 is a whopping $130 million.

Having spent 19 years playing basketball surely brought Tim an astonishing sum of money and fame.

Aside from playing basketball, Tim has become super successful in other ventures that he has embarked upon over the course of his career.

His endorsements, business pursuits, and coaching also flood his bank account with millions of dollars each year.

Tim Duncan on Action
Tim Duncan in Action (Source: CNN)

During the absolute peak of his playing career, Tim easily brought $20+ million per season, which was enough to make him one of the highest-paid basketball players in the NBA.

The power forward earned more than $200 million on the court alone, not to mention his endorsement deals.

His brand promotions with premium companies earned additional tens of millions each year.

Though he stepped away from his assistant coach duties in 2020, throughout his time with the Spurs, he earned a considerable amount of money.

Reportedly, he made around $10 million coaching Spurs and other endorsement deals.

NBA Contracts

In 1997 Tim signed a three-year entry-level contract with the San Antonio Spurs worth $10,239,080.

As per the contract, his average annual salary was $3,413,027.

After the rookie contract ended, he signed an extension with the Spurs in 2000. This time the contract was worth a whopping $31,902,500 with an average annual salary of $10,634,167.

However, his big payday was yet to come!

On July 16, 2003, Tim signed an extension contract with Spurs which became his biggest career deal.

He signed seven-year contract worth $122,007,706 with an average annual salary of $17,429,672.

Similarly, in 2010, the Spurs extended Tim’s tenure on the team.

They offered him two years $40 million contract with an average annual salary of a staggering $20 million.

When the Veteran Extension ended in 2011, Tim signed another extension in 2012 worth $30,361,446 with an average annual salary of $10,120,482.

In addition to that, in 2015, Tim signed his final two-year extension with Spurs worth $10,850,000 and the guarantee of the same amount.

As per the extension, his average annual salary was $5,425,000.


Tim Duncan sued his former advisor claiming $20 million in losses in 2015.

In 2016, the judge indicated the advisor in two counts of fraud related to Tim’s case.

Similarly, a year later, the advisor pled guilty to wire fraud, and as a settlement, Tim received $7.5 million in June of 2018.

As of December 2023, Tim Duncan’s net worth is a whopping $130 million.

Net Worth of Tim Duncan in Different Currencies

Here is what Tim Duncan’s net worth looks like in different currencies, including bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 120.21 Million
Pound Sterling £ 99.54 Million
Australian Dollar A$ 175.79 Million
Canadian Dollar C$ 163.98 Million
Indian Rupee ₹ 9,923,108,000
BitCoin ฿ 3,220.09

Tim Duncan | Houses & Cars


When you earn tens of millions of dollars each year, the best thing you could do is invest in some luxuries to make life easier and better.

Like most human beings, Tim has done the same.

He has invested in lavish real estate, well mobilizing his fortune.

In 2005 he purchased a $1.25 million property in Spicewood, Texas.

He stayed in the place for around ten years and eventually listed it on the market at just under $1 million.


NBA stars are known for their flashy rides, and Tim is no exception.

He has owned a number of supercars over the years.

Tim Duncan's Dodge
Tim Duncan’s Dodge (Source: Super Cars Corner)

Tim owns a green Lamborghini Aventador worth around $350,000, a black Ferrari California worth $328,000, Dodge Challenger worth $65,000, and a black Audi R8 worth $210,000.

He also owns a white pick-up truck.

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Tim Duncan | Lifestyle

Basketball or B-ball is one of the most illustrious and reputable sports in America, and few who are fortunate enough to pull on a jersey in NBA are aware that they defied all odds.

Standing 2.11 meters and weighing 250 lbs. Tim was a power forward in the NBA who could also play center.

With numerous accomplishments and a record-breaking playing career, Tim is regarded best of the bests.

Tim has had quite a career in the NBA.

Association for Professional Basketball Research named Tim as one of the “100 Greatest Professional Basketball Players of the 20th Century.”

Interestingly, he is the youngest player on the list.

Similarly, Slam magazine ranked Tim eighth in their list of top 50 NBA Players of All Time.

He was also named the NBA Player of the Decade by Sports Illustrated.

Furthermore, Tim was honored Virgin Islands Medal of Honor in 2015.

Tim has his own personality and is fun to be around. Some people have cited Tim as a boring person.

Boring or not, Duncan is a Hall of Famer!

Tim Duncan, His Ex Wife and Children
Tim Duncan, His Ex-Wife, and Children (Source: Players Bio)

As for his personal life, Duncan married Amy Sherrill in July 2001. The lovebirds had two children and divorced in August 2013.

Since 2013 he has been in a relationship with Vanessa Macias.

In 2017, they welcomed their first child.

Duncan enjoys playing fantasy role-playing games Dungeons & Dragons, and also Renaissance fairs.

Tim Duncan’s net worth as of December 2023 is an enormous $130 million.

Tim Duncan | Charity

Duncan established the Tim Duncan Foundation in 2001, through which most of his charitable deeds are carried out.

The foundation funds programs concerning education, health, awareness and research, and recreation and youth sports in Winston Salem, the Virgin Islands, and San Antonio.

Similarly, it has successfully conducted a number of events, including Slam Duncan Charity Golf Classic and Tim Duncan Bowling for Dollar$ Charity Bowl-A-Thon.

The foundation raised over $350,000 between 2001 and 2002 for prostate and breast cancer research.

Aside from that, Timmy offered to pay for airplane tickets for college students in the United States Virgin Islands to travel home during the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.

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Tim Duncan | NBA, Endorsements & Investments


Right from the beginning with Spurs, Duncan established a repute as an exceptional player.

His defensive partnership with fellow Spur David Robinson earned them the title of “Twin Towers.”

During Tim’s rookie season, he averaged 11.4 rebounds, 2.4 assists, 21.7 points, and 2.5 blocks.

Nevertheless, during the third and fourth seasons with the Spurs, a meniscus injury led to a disappointing performance from Duncan.

However, he made a tremendous comeback in the 2001/02 season, during which he was named the league’s MVP.

After Robinson retired, Duncan stepped into the role and led the team into the Western Conference semifinals.

He was a member of the US Basketball Team, which recorded ten wins and qualified for the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Likewise, during several career-high and lows, Tim was able to stick with the team and cement his legacy in the world of NBA and basketball in general.

Endorsements & Investments

As mentioned before, a good chunk of Tim’s fortune comes from his lucrative endorsement deals with several exclusive brands and companies.

Timmy’s name has been associated with brands and companies such as Adidas, AT&T, and Bridgestone.

Adidas and Tim
Adidas Tim’s Sneaker Line (Source: SportsZion)

Similarly, he has appeared in television commercials for products and brands such as NBA, Sprite, H-E-B, Foot Locker, Nike, and San Antonio, among others.

Aside from endorsements, Duncan also makes money from his business endeavors.

In a lawsuit filed against his former financial adviser, Banks, Duncan claimed that Banks encouraged him to invest in a series of bad projects.

Banks self-confessed that he had persuaded Timmy to invest millions in beauty products, sports merchandising, and hotels.

However, as per Tim, Banks failed to disclose he owned or had a financial stake in many of those ventures.

Moreover, Tim owns a vehicle customization named BlackJack Speed Shop in San Antonio. He started the business in 2013 and is located near the San Antonio Spurs practice facility.

As of December 2023, Tim Duncan’s net worth is a staggering $130 million.

Tim Duncan | Career

Tim grew up with two older sisters and one older brother.

Both of his sisters were swimmers, which inspired Tim to become an Olympic-level swimmer.

Timmy was an exceptional swimmer and was training for the 1992 Olympic Games.

However, because of Hurricane Hugo, the one and only Olympic-sized swimming pool on the island was destroyed in 1989.

And because he was scared of sharks, swimming in ocean water was not the ideal option.

To top it off, his mother passed away because of breast cancer which shattered his enthusiasm to become a swimmer.

Tim was encouraged by his brother-in-law to try basketball instead of swimming, and Tim became hooked on the sport.

Unknown Facts About Tim Duncan

  • While Tim was at Wake Forest, he co-authored a psychology book chapter.
  • Timmy is the only player in NBA history to win 1,000 games with one team.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Tim Duncan are the only players in NBA history with 26,000 points, 3,000 blocks, and 15,000 rebounds.


How much did Tim Duncan lose?

Tim Duncan lost around $25 million in a series of bad investments, out of which he reimbursed $7.5 million in a settlement.

What is Tim Duncan’s wingspan?

Tim Duncan has a wingspan of 7-foot-5.

What was Tim Duncan’s vertical?

Though Tim was not blessed with a 40” vertical leap, picture-perfect jumper, or blazing speed, he had another way to dominate the game. He surprisingly mastered the ordinary stuff and did it extraordinarily.

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