The Buttertones Allegations Of Sexual Assault, Case Details And Band Members

The Buttertones

In July 2022, the Buttertones allegations gained widespread attention. Cherry Glazerr accuses a band member Sean Redman of statutory rape.

The Buttertones, a dynamic rock band hailing from the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles, came into existence in 2012.

It all started when Richard, Sean, and Cobi crossed paths at the renowned Musicians Institute in Hollywood in 2011.

They quickly started rehearsing together at Redman’s Hollywood flat, developing a deep musical connection, united by their mutual passion for mid-twentieth-century music.

In 2013, they released their self-titled debut album, a remarkable eight-track masterpiece. This collection of songs showcased their exceptional talent in crafting surf-infused riffs and captivating percussion.

Their debut, released as a cassette on L.A.’s famed garage-pop Lolipop label, received critical acclaim for its expertly performed sound.

The Buttertones draw inspiration from various musical influences, including legendary bands such as The Clash, The Cramps, The Gun Club, The Birthday Party, and the enigmatic Scott Walker.

The Buttertones Allegations Of Sexual Assault

A renowned band that has captivated audiences with its unique style and infectious tunes has been embroiled in a distressing legal issue.

The band’s bassist, Sean Redman, has been accused of engaging in acts of statutory rape and abuse, leading to a swift and decisive response from the band.

In a concise yet impactful message shared on their official Instagram account, the band clearly did not endorse or tolerate such behavior.

Consequently, they announced the immediate separation of Sean Redman from the band, severing all professional ties.

The Buttertones Allegations
The Buttertones allegations: The Bass player Sean Redman was accused of statutory rape. (Source: Getty Images)

The gravity of the allegations came to the forefront when Clementine Creevy of Cherry Glazerr took to Instagram on July 15, 2020, bravely sharing her account of alleged statutory rape and sexual misconduct involving Sean Redman.

The band’s response was prompt and persistent, with a strong statement declaring their view against Sean’s behavior.

Moreover, their record label, Innovative Leisure, wasted no time severing ties with The Buttertones following the revelations.

Subsequently, the band faced another setback as saxophonist London Guzman also announced his departure, leaving Richard and Cobi as the remaining members of The Buttertones.

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The Buttertones Case Details 

In July 2022, Clementine Creevy, the lead vocalist of Cherry Glazerr, took to Instagram to make a serious accusation against Sean Redman, a member of the Buttertones band.

She revealed that their relationship began when she was just 14 years old, and Redman was 20. The two met at a music workshop in Hollywood, where Redman asked for Creevy’s number and initiated text conversations.

Initially, Creevy lied about her age, claiming to be 16, to which Redman responded with a dismissive comment about feeling like a kid himself.

Eventually, they met at Redman’s apartment, where he engaged in physical intimacy with Creevy without her consent. She felt confused and uncomfortable but went along with it.

Creevy’s statement sheds light on the illegal nature of their relationship, highlighting that it qualifies as statutory rape due to the age difference.

Moreover, she describes Redman’s treatment of her as emotionally volatile, selfish, and disrespectful towards her feminist beliefs.

Shockingly, Redman exposed Creevy to sexually transmitted infections by engaging in unprotected lovemaking during infidelity. Creevy characterizes Redman as a narcissist and a predator.

The Buttertones Band Members

The Buttertones, a renowned band, originally contained three members during its official formation.

All talented musicians Richard Araiza, Sean Redman, and Modeste Cobian first crossed paths at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood in 2011.

Hailing from different backgrounds, Richard is from New Mexico, Cobi is from Puerto Rico, and Sean is from Washington.

As the band progressed, two more individuals joined their ranks, Dakota Böttcher and London Guzmán, hailing from California.

Together, they released their second album, American Brunch, in 2015, showcasing their unique musical style and talent.

Over time, the lineup has changed, and the current members of the band are Karly Low, Brandon Gold, Mimi Pretend, Cobi, and Richard.

the Buttertones members
The current band members are Richard, Karly, Brandon, Mimi and Cobi. (Source: passionweiss)

This diverse group of musicians, they continue to captivate audiences with their captivating sound.

After a brief break, the rock band triumphantly returned to the music scene in 2022. They delighted fans by releasing two new singles, “Angel Hands” and “Nite Time is My Time.”

Additionally, they announced live shows in Anaheim, Las Vegas, and Texas, reaffirming their dedication to delivering exceptional live performances.

Joining Richard and Cobi on stage were three new musicians, each showcasing their bass, drums, and keyboard skills, respectively. 

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