Texas Kimberly Avila Missing Update 2023: Is Transgender Woman Found Yet?

Kimberly Avila missing

Kimberly, named initially Ramiro Avila Jr., gained recognition as a genderfluid transgender individual. Find out more about Kimberly Avila missing case update as of 2023. 

Renowned for her cheerful disposition, she maintained a friendly rapport with everyone around her. 

During the period when she went missing, Avila was familiar with her visits to downtown Brownville’s bars, where she engaged in sex work. 

However, her routine was to return home without fail after each evening. 

At 2:40 am on May 13, 2017, Kimberly was left at the 1200 block of East Washington Street in Brownsville, Texas, by her sister. 

However, she didn’t make her way back home, and her whereabouts have remained unknown, with no sightings or comminutions since that time. 

Her family submitted a report about her disappearance to the Brownsville Police Department when their attempts to get in touch with her proved unsuccessful. 

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Texas Kimberly Avila Missing Update 2023

The online users are eager to know about Kimberly Avila’s missing case update. So here is what they need to know: 

An individual of Hispanic/Latino origin who identifies as transgender, Kimberly has brown hair and hazel eyes.

She stands between 5 feet 8 inches and 6 feet tall and weighs 200 to 220 pounds.

Kimberly had put on grey contact lenses at the time of her disappearance.

Kimberly wore a black wig, a stylish black short-sleeve blouse, a black skirt, and high-heeled stiletto shoes during her last sighting.

Kimberly Avila missing
Little details are available about Kimberly Avila’s missing case (Source: Disappeared)

As of 2023, law enforcement has not discovered any proof, method, or reason indicating malicious intent in Kimberly Avila’s vanishing.

A reward of $10,000 is available for any details that can aid in locating Kimberly.

The conditions surrounding Kimberl Avila’s disappearance remain enigmatic, and her situation is presently labeled as a missing person’s case. Her case continues to lack resolution.

Kimberly Avila: Is Transgender Woman Found Yet?

As discussed earlier, the transgender woman named Kimberly Avila is not found. 

However, her family, community, and the authorities cooperate to find Kimberly as soon as possible. 

Avila believe that due to her identity as a transgender woman and involvement in sex work, she was more vulnerable to violence and harm. 

In the year 2019, Brownsville created the LGBTQ+ Task Force, aiming to tackle issues linked to escalated prejudice and mistreatment affecting the LGBTQ community within the city. 

Kimberly Avila missing
Kimberly Avila’s whereabouts are not known as of now (Source: TheCinemaholic)

This initiative encompassed concerns about the amplified discrimination and harassment that impacted the community, including the case of Avila’s disappearance.

In 2019, at an Avila’s vigil held on the second anniversary of Kimberly’s disappearance, Cameron Kimberly’s Attorney, Luis Saenz, addressed the gathering and mentioned that he had recently spoken to a potential suspect linked to her potential demise.

According to Kimberly’s family, he left the podium without providing additional answers despite their inquiries.

Until now, he has not clarified the reason behind his statement.

The family of Kimberly also established a website that encourages the general public to step forward with any information and aid in reuniting their daughter with them.

If you possess any details about Kimberly Avila’s disappearance, kindly reach out to the Brownsville Police at (956) 548-7000, the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office at (956) 383-8114, or Brownsville Crime Stopper Sheriff’s 546 TIPS (8477).

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