Terrence Crawford Arrested Again In 2023: Mugshot And Charges

Terence Crawford Arrested

Recent headlines alleging “Terrence Crawford arrested news” in 2023 have sparked interest among his fans, leading to curiosity about his mugshot and charges.

Terrence Allan Crawford stands as an iconic figure in American professional boxing.

His meteoric rise through three weight classes, clinching multiple world championships from lightweight to welterweight, reflects his prowess and versatility in the ring.

Crawford made history in August 2017, seizing the undisputed light welterweight title, a feat unmatched since legends Kostya Tszyu and Jermain Taylor’s eras.

His recent triumph in July 2023 against Errol Spence Jr. solidified his status as the inaugural male two-division undisputed champion in the four-belt era.

Revered as the pinnacle of active boxing prowess, the fighter holds the top spot in pound-for-pound rankings by esteemed authorities like The Ring, ESPN, and more.

His accolades, including multiple Fighter of the Year titles, underscore his exceptional contributions to the sport.

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Terrence Crawford arrested again in 2023

Despite circulating reports, undisputed welterweight champion Terrence “Bud” Crawford was not actually arrested again in 2023 on any new charges.

The confusion stems from the recent legal troubles of his coach, Brian “BoMac” McIntyre.

In September 2023, McIntyre was arrested at Manchester Airport in the UK for illegally possessing a firearm and ammunition.

He pleaded guilty and received a suspended 20-month prison sentence, with Crawford providing character testimony.

Somehow this incident involving McIntyre got conflated into false reports that Crawford himself had been arrested again recently.

But the boxer does not have any new legal issues in 2023, based on available information.

Terrence Crawford Arrested
Terrence Crawford was arrested at Manchester Airport in 2016, following his successful victory over Chris Eubank Jr. at the AO Arena. (Source: WOWT)

His record remains clean since his 2016 conviction for disorderly conduct over a dispute at an auto body shop.

The false rumors of another Crawford arrest in 2023 likely originate from failing to separate his actual criminal history from the latest charges against his coach.

To clarify, the American professional boxer does not have any new charges filed against him currently.

His coach, McIntyre, is the one who recently faced weapons charges overseas, which improperly got attached to Crawford.

So reports of the athlete being arrested again in 2023 are outright false and stem from misinformation related to his coach’s legal troubles in the UK.

Crawford’s record has remained spotless since 2016.

Terrence Crawford Mugshot

A mugshot of Terrence Crawford has been circulating online, claiming to show a new 2023 booking photo.

However, it is simply the same mugshot from his 2016 arrest and conviction over a dispute at an auto body shop in Omaha, Nebraska.

The false rumors of another arrest in 2023 have renewed interest in the American professional boxer’s prior mugshot.

Terrence Crawford Arrested
The image displays Terence Crawford’s booking photo subsequent to his apprehension. (Source: KPTM)

But he has not had any new booking photos taken in over 7 years by all legitimate accounts.

The resurrected 2016 mugshot shows a younger Crawford staring emotionlessly straight at the camera.

But while the image is real, it is being misused to push the false narrative of a fictional 2023 arrest.

Terrence Crawford Charges

Part of the confusion surrounding the bogus reports likely stems from failing to separate Terrence Crawford’s actual criminal history from the latest legal troubles of coach Brian McIntyre.

To clarify, the American professional boxer himself does not have any new charges filed against him in 2023.

His only conviction on record remains from 2016, when he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct and property damage over the dispute at the body shop.

He served 50 days in jail and received probation for those 2016 charges.

Terrence Crawford arrested
Terence Crawford’s apprehension garnered considerable attention through numerous headlines after the incident. (Source: WOWTV)

The victim also received restitution payments to cover damages.

But Crawford has kept his record clean since then, despite the false rumors currently swirling about an imaginary 2023 arrest.

The welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford has not been arrested again in 2023 or charged with any new crimes. The mugshot being circulated is from his old 2016 case.

His coach, Brian McIntyre, is the one who recently faced weapons charges overseas, which somehow got improperly attached to Crawford himself.

But the champ’s record remains spotless since his lone conviction seven years ago. Any rumors of new 2023 legal troubles are outright false.

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