Taylor Lapilus Religion: Is He Jewish Or Christian? Family Ethnicity

Taylor Lapilus Religion

What is Taylor Lapilus religion? He is a famous boxer from France. Be with us as we reveal his family background and ethnicity.

Sports lovers might recognize professional boxer Taylor Lapidus. The talented French fighter received fame for competing in the Bantamweight division in the UFC.

Moreover, he won the KO Major League MMA Bantamweight Championship title. Fans know him as Double Impact.

Hailing from Villepinte, France, he represents MMA Factory and SBG Ireland. The professional boxer’s stance is Southpaw, as suggested by the UFC Stats.

Lapilus’s Instagram bio presents him as the UFC Fighter and RMC sports analyst. As of this writing, he has gained over 43.7 thousand followers on Instagram. He is active with more than 65 posts on the platform.

Besides, the MMA fighter co-owns Lucky Luciano Pizza, a restaurant based in Paris. 

Taylor held the vacant AFC Bantamweight Championship. People call him Double Impact, having impressive 19-3 stats, meaning he has 19 pro wins and 3 losses with 6-0 submissions.

At a regional level, Taylor competed in soccer on different levels as a youngster. Also, he is interested in the Israeli fighting system Krav Maga as the boxer participated in various induction training sessions. 

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Taylor Lapilus Religion: Is He Jewish Or Christian?

Many recognize emerging UFC fighter Taylor Lapilus, but do you know his religion? The former KO Major League MMA Bantamweight champion amassed many followers through his incredible fighting style.

Despite gaining fame for his impressive career, the MMA fighter hasn’t answered questions regarding his faith. Seeing his French ancestry and holiday celebrations like Christmas, it seems Lapilus is Christian.

However, the UFC star hasn’t personally enlightened on this topic. Hence, we cannot be sure he is Christian.

Taylor Lapilus Religion and ethnicity
Taylor Lapilus Religion: The professional boxer focuses more on his matches. (Source: La Sueur)

Moreover, it is unclear if Lapilus’s family introduced him to the religion or if he has faith in Christianity. Also, he is less active on Instagram, with only 65 posts related to his fighting career.

Also, not many sources have mentioned his religious beliefs, and Taylor seems uninterested in the subject. Perhaps he isn’t much invested in revealing his faith publicly.

Instead of relying on his faith, Taylor prioritized his career as a professional MMA fighter. Hence, the emerging UFC star has established himself as a formidable opponent in the competition.

While ‘Taylor Lapilus religion’ may interest his followers, what matters most is the fighter’s dedication and talent to improve his craft further.

Thanks to his constant effort, Taylor has secured impressive stats as a Bantamweight fighter. 

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Taylor Lapilus Family And Ethnicity

Reportedly, Taylor is of African-French race. He holds French nationality.

His last name is not a typical French surname so he could be associated with any ancestry. Also, it is challenging to reveal his ethnic ties. 

According to sources, Lapilus is French and fights out of Paris. Unfortunately, not much is revealed about the Bantamweight fighter’s family, as he likes to maintain a low-key profile.

Initially, he worked as a welder. Despite all the struggles, Taylor picked up the boxing gloves and began a long career in combat sports. He also became the viewer’s favorite.

Taylor became a great amateur, following the path of his brother Damien. Reportedly, his brother is also a professional mixed martial artist.

Hence, it is safe to say that his family has supported his boxing career. He received professional training in 2010.

Moreover, the bantamweight fighter hasn’t answered questions regarding his ethnic background despite being an emerging sports star. 

Lapilus has rarely been enlightened on this topic, so we cannot be sure his parents supported his boxing career.

Few sources have mentioned Lapilus’s family and ethnicity, and he shows less interest in revealing the topic. Undoubtedly, he likes to keep his family life hidden from the public and focus more on his boxing career and upcoming matches.

Besides his injuries, the French boxer rarely took a break from fights. Taylor seems uninterested in revealing his religious ties and family life at his crucial moment in the bantamweight championships. 

Taylor Lapilus Latest Update: His Upcoming Matches Revealed

MMA fighter Taylor Lapilus fought his last match on 2 September 2023, competing against Caolan Loughran at the UFC Fight Night: Ganevs. Spivac in the bantamweight division.

Also, he won the fight going to Round 3 (5:00) with the decision. Moreover, Lapilus revealed more about the match at UFC Fight Night 226, the media day in Paris.

Taylor Lapilus Religion update
Taylor Lapilus Religion: The UFC fighter returned from his injury. (Source: MMA Junkie)

The French bantamweight fighter won three of his first four fights in the promotion, including a stoppage.

However, after his victory over Leandro Issa in September 2016, he found himself outside the UFC, desperate to return.

In 2022, almost six years later, Taylor was set to return at the UFC’s debut event in Paris; however, he had to pull out with an injury.

Also, the boxer has won 18 out of 21 fights, securing a 56% finish rate, including 8 by decision and 4 by knockout. 

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