Tarek Fatah Religion – Was He Muslim? Family And Cause Of Death

Tarek Fatah

After the death of Journalist and Author Tarek Fatah, people became curious about Tarek Fatah Religion. Read the article below to find more detail about his religion.

Tarek Fatah was a Pakistani-Canadian author and Journalist. He was recognized for his modern ideas about Islam and his strong feelings about Pakistan. He identified as an “Indian born in Pakistan” and a “Punjabi born into Islam.”

He was a well-known supporter of a liberal, progressive type of Islam, and his strong opinions on these topics made him stand out.

In addition to his political activism, Fatah was a well-respected broadcaster, having worked for Toronto radio station CFRB Newstalk 1010 from 2009 to 2015.

Unfortunately, Tarek passed away on April 24, 2023, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Tarek Fatah Religion – Was He Muslim?

Tarak Fatah is a Pakistani-Canadian writer and activist who identifies as a liberal Muslim. He was born in Pakistan. His ancestors were Hindu, and a Punjabi culture tied to that of the Sikhs.

The religious beliefs of Fatah are founded on Islam, which Fatah describes as having roots in Judaism.

However, he has been critical of the radicalism and fundamentalism that are found within Islam. He has advocated for a more open and progressive understanding of the faith.

Tarek Fatah Religion
Tarek Fatah belongs to a Punjabi Muslim family (Source: hindustantimes)

Fatah has often highlighted the importance of respecting and celebrating different cultural and religious traditions in his writing and public appearances.

He has written books like “The Jew Is Not My Enemy” and “The Hindu Is Not My Enemy,.”

He called himself, “I am an Indian born in Pakistan, a Punjabi born in Islam; an immigrant in Canada with a Muslim consciousness, grounded in a Marxist youth.”

Tarak hosted Muslim Chronicle, a weekly show aired in Toronto from 1996 to 2006. The program was broadcasted on CTS and VisionTV, discussing current events and topics relevant to the Muslim community.

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Tarek Fatah Family

Tarek, a well-known Canadian Journalist, was born in Karachi, Pakistan, on November 20, 1949.

His Punjabi Muslim family moved from Bombay to Karachi after the Partition of India in 1947,

Fatah was born in Karachi and grew up there. Before moving to Canada in 1987, he lived in Saudi Arabia for a long time.

Tarek is married to Nargis Tapal, who hails from one of the prominent Shia Bohra families of Gujarati origin. They have been together for 40 years and have two daughters, Natasha Fatah, and Nazia Fatah.

Tarek Fatah family
Tarek Fatah with his family (Source: Twitter)

Tarek’s daughter Natasha Fatah is also a well-known Canadian Journalist who currently works as a host for CBC News Network.

She was born in Karachi, Pakistan. She spent most of her childhood in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh and Jeddah. In 2011, Natasha married Chris Kayaniotes.

Fatah’s family has a rich cultural and ethnic background, reflecting the diversity of their roots.

Tarek Fatah Cause Of Death

Pakastinai Canadian writer Tarek died on April 24, 2023, at 73. His daughter Natasha Fatah confirmed his death on social media. He had been battling Cancer for some time before he passed away from it.

Fatah was a well-known figure in literature and journalism, and his contributions to these areas were well-known.

Following his passing, tributes poured in on social media from various personalities, including RSS General Secretary Dattatreya Hosabale, who praised Fatah as an eminent thinker, author, and commentator.

Director Vivek Agnihotri also paid tribute to Fatah, calling him a great orator, a sharp thinker, and a fearless fighter.

Tarek Fatah
Tarek Fatah died on April 24, 2023 because of Cancer (Source: abp live)

Actor Anupam Kher also expressed his grief and described Fatah as an authentic Indian and a fearless and kind-hearted man.

In 1970, he started working as a reporter for Karachi Sun. Later, he became an undercover reporter for Pakistan Television, the state-run TV channel in Pakistan.

He joined the Toronto Sun in 2012.

Fatah’s legacy as a writer and author will be remembered for his contributions to literature and the media industry.

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