Taraja Ramsess Family: Lisa Ann Wilson Mourns Loss Of Husband Cause Of Accident

Taraja Ramsess family

Taraja Ramsess family, including his wife, Lisa Ann Wilson, is mourning the unexpected loss caused by the accident.

The couple shared five daughters and one son, making their family a happy one.

Taraja Ramsess was a highly skilled and versatile professional in the film industry. He was known for his exceptional contributions in two key areas: the Art Department and Stunts.

Taraja’s notable work includes “Black Panther” and Avengers: Endgame”. He showed his significant expertise as a stunt performer in these movies.

Moreover, the stuntman has played a vital role in bringing the action sequence to life. He had dedicated many years to the entertainment world.

Ramsess’s dedication, talent, and skill left an indelible mark on the film industry. His legacy lives on through his contributions to his iconic films.

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Taraja Ramsess Family: Wife Lisa Ann Wilson

Taraja Ramsess’s family has been going through the grief of losing their beloved cause of the accident.

Several information suggest that the actor had a romantic realtionship with a woman named Lisa Ann Wilson.

Taraja Ramsess family
Taraja Ramsess’s Wife, Lisa Ann, mourns the death of her husband and children. (Source: CNN)

However, there is no confirmation about whether the two got married. Taraja Ramsess’s wife, if they have been married, is a professional photographer and filmmaker.

Lisa has worked on various film projects. Moreover, the Black Panther actor’s lover has worked in “The Last Black Man in San Francisco” and “The Hate You Give.”

Ann is also known for being the founder and director of the Black Women Film Network. It is a non-profit organisation.

Her organisation is dedicated to supporting and promoting the creative work of black women in the film and television industry.

In simple terms, Lisa is not only involved in making movies but also plays a significant role in helping and showing the achievements of black women in the film world.

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Taraja Ramsess Death Cause Of Accident

There has been a heartbreaking incident involving Hollywood stuntman Taraja Ramsess and his children.

Taraja Ramsess Wife
Taraja Ramsess, along with three of his children, lost their lives in a car accident. (Source: Peoples Gazette)

On the fateful night of October 31, 2023, Mr Taraja, aged 41, was driving a pickup truck. It collided with a disabled tractor-trailer in the left lane, resulting in a devastating car crash in Atlanta.

The crash claimed the lives of three of the star’s children: Sundari (13 years old), Fujibo (only eight weeks old) and Kisasi (10 years old), who tragically succumbed to critical injuries after several days of hospitalisation.

Two of Mr. ramse4ss’s daughters miraculously survived the accident. However, the youngest, 3-year-old Shazia, remained hospitalised.

The circumstances surrounding the crash remain under investigation by the police. It added to the sorrow and uncertainty of the tragic event.

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Tribute to The Stuntman Taraja Ramsess

Friends, former co-stars, and the entertainment industry have come together to pay heartfelt tributes to Holly wood star Taraja Ramsess.

The Hollywood star, along with three of his children, tragically lost their lives in a car accident. He was out with his five kids on Halloween when the devastating collision occurred.

As the news of the heartbreaking incident spread, tributes started pouring in from his former co-star, friends, and industry peers.

The famous movie director Ava DuVernay expressed her grief on social media. She [emphasised the depth of her sorrow and sent her love and prayers to Taraja’s family.

Actress Niecy Nash extended her condolences, invoking the grace of God to provide solace. Tameka Foster, who had experienced grief herself, offered her sympathy and prayers.

Fellow “Black Panther” star Carrie Bernanas shared her condolences, emphasising Traja’s incredible personality and the joy he brought to those around him.

Taraja was not only a stunt performer but also worked in the art department on various notable film productions at the beginning of his career,

The entire Hollywood industry mourns the loss of one of the most outstanding stunt performers. He will be remembered as a great performer by his admirers.

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