Susan Seaforth Hayes Children: How Many Kids Does She Have? Family Details

Susan Seaforth Hayes Children

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Susan Seaforth Hayes has had an extensive career in film, television, and theater spanning over seven decades. She began her career on the stage as a young actress in the 1950s.

After that, she went on to accept roles in television programs such as “The Loretta Young Show” as well as parts in films like “The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit” which helped further her acting abilities.

That pivotal year of 1968 saw her career take flight upon winning the part of Julie Williams, a character she would inhabit for years to come as part of the enduring television drama “Days of Our Lives”.

Having portrayed the character of Julie for intermittent periods spanning over half a century, she stands alone as one of television’s most enduring performers in a single role.

In addition to her iconic soap role, Seaforth Hayes has guest starred on numerous shows like ‘The Fugitive’, ‘Bonanza’, and ‘Murder, She Wrote’.

Susan Seaforth Hayes Children: How Many Kids Does She Have?

Though Susan Seaforth Hayes has no biological children of her own, she became a stepmother to her husband Bill Hayes’ five children from his previous marriage when they wed in 1974.

While Bill had five children with his wife Mary Hobbs – Carrie born in 1948, William Jr. in 1949, Cathy in 1951, and Thomas in 1954 – the birth year of their daughter Margaret, nicknamed Peggy, is not known.

Little is publicly known of the present activities and residences of Bill’s offspring at this moment in time.

When Hayes married Bill, his oldest child Carrie would have been around 26 while Peggy was likely still a child or teenager.

Though not their biological mother, Hayes helped raise Bill’s children during their formative years and remains close with them to this day.

Now a step-grandmother as well, family is very important to Hayes, even if her only children are through marriage.

She continues to have a special relationship with her stepchildren after nearly 50 years.

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Susan Seaforth Family Details

Susan Seaforth Hayes was born Susan Seabold in 1943 to parents Harry Seabold and Elizabeth Harrower.

Her father Harry was a serviceman who was shipped overseas for 33 months during World War II shortly after Susan was conceived. She barely knew him growing up. 

Susan Seaforth Hayes Children
Susan Seaforth Hayes pictured in the series Surfside 6. (source: informatics)

Her mother Elizabeth was an actress and screenwriter who raised Susan in Hollywood and Berkeley.

She had written scripts for popular daytime dramas including “Days of Our Lives” and “The Young and the Restless” in the past.

Elizabeth was proud of her daughter Susan’s acting d├ębut in the soap operas that she had written the scripts for years before.

Not much is publicly known about Harry’s life or career outside his military service in WWII.

Records show he lived with Elizabeth for 90 days during basic training in Oklahoma before deploying and leaving her alone with infant Susan.

Having been deprived of a paternal figure from a tender age, Susan found herself extensively exposed to the glamour of show business through the efforts of her sole caregiver.

This upbringing helped spark her interest in acting, leading to her prolific career in theater, film, and television which continues today at age 80.

Susan Seaforth husband

Susan Seaforth Hayes was married for nearly 50 years to actor and singer Bill Hayes.

In 1970, they met on the set of Days of Our Lives and portrayed the beloved characters Doug and Julie Williams.

Susan Seaforth Hayes Children
Susan Seaforth Hayes pictured with her late husband Bull Hayes. (source: Variety)

Their onscreen chemistry and real-life romance captured the hearts of fans.

Before joining Days, Bill was a regular on Sid Caesar’s Your Show of Shows in the 1950s.

That 1955 hit song “The Ballad of Davy Crockett” which topped the music charts was another success for him as well.

Together Susan and Bill made history as the only soap stars to grace the cover of Time magazine in 1976.

They won a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Daytime Emmys in 2018.

After an incredibly successful career and marriage, Bill Hayes sadly passed away on January 12, 2024.

Susan lost her beloved husband and show business partner of nearly 50 years.

The impressive legacy left behind by this renowned married soap opera duo stands as a testament to their place among the most celebrated partnerships in the genre’s chronicles.

Susan continues to honor Bill’s memory while carrying on their shared passion for acting.

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