Steve Scalise Weight Loss Journey Before And After Photos

Steve Scalise Weight Loss

Steve Scalise Weight Loss became a topic of lighthearted discussion after Former President Trump’s joking comment in the Whitehouse.

Stephen Joseph Scalise is a prominent American Politician. He has been the House Majority leader since 2023 and represents Louisiana’s 1st congressional district.

Steve is a member of the Republican Party. Before his current role, he spent time in the Louisiana State Senate.

Moreover, the Politician served three terms in the Lousiana House of Representatives. In the past, He was the House majority Whip and later the House Minority Whip.

Furthermore, Scalise was the chair of the House Republican Study Committee. He has been a significant figure in Republican leadership.

The Politician has been a long-standing member of Congress. He represents New Orleans suburbs, Metairie, Kenner, and Slidell.

Mr. Stephen has a very anti-LGBT reputation. He voted against policies like repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and adding sexualizing to hate crime legislation.

Similarly, American Politician opposes same-sex marriage. He got a zero rating from the LGBT advocacy group Human Rights Campaign.

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Steve Scalise Weight Loss Journey

Steve Scalise’s weight loss shows his strength during a challenging recovery journey. It reflects his determination to return to Congress after a traumatic incident.

Steve Scalise Weight Loss
Steve Scalise revealed that he has blood cancer. (Source: CNN)

In 2017, The congressman faced a tragic incident. He was shot during a practice session for the Congressional Baseball Game.

On top of that, Mr. Steve suffered severe injuries but bravely returned to Congress after months of treatment.

The Republicans received extensive medical care and a long period of recovery. During this time, it became apparent that he had lost weight.

Steve Scalise’s weight loss resulted from the physical toll of the injuries and the subsequent treatment process.

This weight loss is a reflection of the hardships he endured. Moreover, it symbolizes his unwavering commitment to return and resume his duties.

Nevertheless, during a white house celebration, President Donald Trump humorously commented on Steve Scalise’s weight loss in a moment of Jest.

While lighthearted, The humorous comment indicated the tremendous obstacle Scalise overcame to return to Congress.

Despite the lighthearted tone, it highlighted the strength and determination that defined Scalise’s path to recovery after the shooting incident.

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Steve Scalise Before And After Photos

Steve Scalise, the House Majority Leader’s life took a sudden turn. He revealed that he had multiple Myeloma, a type of Blood Cancer, in March 2023.

Steve Scalise Weight Loss
Steve Scalise is back in the game after one year of being shot. (Source: CBS News)

Multiple Myeloma mainly affects plasma cells in the blood. It was an unexpected shock to the political world.

This comes at a crucial time as Mr. Scalise plays a significant role in the House. He addresses critical issues such as government funding and potential shutdowns.

Nonetheless, Mr. Scalise began his chemotherapy treatment on March 15, 2023. The photos show his transformation from before his diagnosis to after starting treatment.

The American Republican emphasized that cancer is very treatable and preventable. He further reported that his treatment is going well.

Chemotherapy does likely have various effects on a person’s appearance. Scalise experienced some of the expected changes due to the treatment.

It appears Steve lost his hair, a well-known side effect of chemotherapy. Additionally, the medication can lead to weight changes.

Steve’s Multiple Myeloma is preventable. However, It can cause changes in his complexion. It can make a person look tired and drained.

However, the Leader’s determination and strength shone through as he returned to the House floor on April 5, 2023. He even received a heartfelt standing ovation.

His journey was a powerful reminder of the unity and support that outshines political boundaries when faced with a severe health challenge.

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