Stephen Stearns Mugshot: Is He Behind Madeline Soto Disappearance?

Stephen Stearns Mugshot

Stephen Stearns is entangled in a troubling missing persons case in Florida, prompting searches for his mugshot due to his involvement in Madeline Soto’s disappearance.

Stearns was originally from Lake Forest, California, and relocated to the Orlando metro area in 2018 for employment opportunities.

He secured work locally as a warranty manager for home builder Smart Build.

Additionally, Stearns had a side job as a cast member at Walt Disney World.

Details remain scarce regarding Stearns’ personal life and background outside his jobs.

Public records show some real estate training and work as an independent contractor.

Now, Stearns faces serious charges tied to sexual crimes that may connect him to the disappearance of 13-year-old Madeline Soto.

Stephen Stearns Mugshot

The Meeker County Jail Roster shows Stephen Stearns’ mugshot from January 12, 2024, related to severe charges like assault and firearm possession.

Stearns was brought into police custody on charges of sexual battery and possession of child sexual abuse material.

The charges stem from an investigation into the whereabouts of his girlfriend’s daughter, Madeline Soto.

Disturbing images found on Stearns’ phone point to abuse, although he claims to have accidentally reset the device.

Stephen Stearns Mugshot
Madeline Soto was reported missing on Monday morning. (source: nypost)

She never made it to any classes that day.

An extensive search led by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office quickly ensued, including ground teams, helicopters, and bloodhounds scouring the area.

However, Madeline remains missing several days later, as communities closely follow the case.

Many will look to Stephen Stearns for answers about Madeline’s whereabouts.

The police reiterated that finding the teenager is the top priority in this ongoing investigation.

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Stephen Stearns Wikipedia And Age

Stephen Stearns, aged 37, remains a mysterious figure even as he faces serious charges connected to the search for missing 13-year-old Madeline Soto.

Very little about Stearns’s life before recent events is publicly documented.

Records indicate he spent most of his early years residing in California before relocating to Florida around 2018.

Stephen Stearns Mugshot
Stearns isn’t charged, but Orange County Sheriff considers him a “prime suspect.” (source: nypost)

Old social media posts reference past ties to San Diego and volunteer missionary work, but no further personal details are available.

Police have provided limited information about the exact evidence implicating Stearns in sexual crimes against Madeline Soto preceding her disappearance.

It is also unclear how long Stearns had been romantically involved with Madeline’s mother or living with the Soto family before the teenager went missing.

With authorities staying tight-lipped and few public traces of his life emerging, Stephen Stearns remains an opaque figure at the center of this mysterious case.

Is He Behind Madeline Soto Missing Case? 

As the investigation progresses, evidence increasingly points to Stephen Stearns having intimate knowledge about what happened to Madeline Soto.

Police were blunt in labeling Stearns a prime suspect in the teen’s disappearance shortly after his arrest.

The sheriff labeled it “every parent’s worst nightmare” in a public plea for any information that might bring Madeline home safely.

Beyond the disturbing child sexual abuse seized from his phone, Stearns had opportunity and access in his role as Madeline’s mother’s boyfriend.

Dropping the teen off near school that Monday morning places Stearns as one of the last to see her.

Still, with no confession, search teams continue scouring the area nearly a week later for any trace of Madeline’s whereabouts.

The brazen crimes now attributed to Stearns have fueled community outrage and demands for justice.

However, authorities say finding Madeline Soto remains the top priority.

All attention stays fixed on any leads that can reunite this missing child with her family.

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