Stephen Colbert Appendicitis Surgery And Weight Loss: Health Update

Stephen Colbert Appendicitis

Stephen Colbert appendicitis surgery caused him to lose some weight. His fans and admirers are worried about his well-being and pray for his good health and quick recovery.

Stephen Colbert is an American comedian, producer, actor, writer, and TV host. He is famous for hosting The Colbert Report from 2005 to 2014.

Initially wanting to be a serious actor, Stephen got into improv theatre at Northwestern University. His early career involved performing at Second City Chicago.

Colbert worked on shows like The Dana Cravey Show and Strangers with Candy. His roles as Chuck Noblet in Strangers with Candy brought him recognition.

Stephen became well-known as a correspondent on The Daily Show before starting The Colbert Report. In 2015, he took over as the host of The Late Show.

Colbert has received many awards. Furthermore, He has earned nine Primetime Emmy Awards and two Grammy Awards.

His name was enlisted twice in Time’s 100 Most Influential People. His book “I Am America (And So Can You!),” topped The New York Times Best Seller list in 2017.

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Stephen Colbert Appendicitis Surgery

Stephen Colbert appendicitis surgery news has worried many of his fans. He shared on social media that he had to cancel his shows to recover from the surgery.

Stephen Colbert Appendicitis
Stephen Colbert ruptured his appendix during a shoot of the show. (Source: Instagram)

Colbert humorously mentioned that his pancreas will take care of all emails to his appendix from now on.

His condition called a “ruptured appendix,” means his appendix had some severe issues. MedPage Today talked to a surgeon named Dvaid Flun to get more insight.

The appendix usually is small, like a pinky finger, but when it gets inflamed, it can cause a lot of pain. Sometimes, it can even burst, leading to more complications.

Dr Flum shared that recent studies looked into treating appendix problems with antibiotics instead of surgery.

Moreover, Stephen has had his surgery done in time to reduce any further damage. His fans wished for his excellent health.

Stephen Colbert Weight Loss After Appendix Surgery

Stephen Colbert, the funny guy from The Late Show, recently shared a surprising update about his health. He had to take a break from hosting because his appendix burst.

When he returned to the show, the host revealed that he lost 14 pounds during his recovery. He has to deal with complications like blood poisoning.

Mr. Colbert humorously described his experience, saying that he was “shaking like a Polaroid picture” after the appendix burst. A situation he was unaware of.

The actor took the audience through the timeline of events, from the last day of shooting to his visit to St. Barnabas  Hospital in the Bronx, where doctors treated his burst appendix.

Stephen Colbert Health Update

Stephen, the famous late-night host, is back on his show after dealing with a ruptured appendix. He returned three weeks after the health scare and shared his experience with the audience.

Stephen Colbert Appendicitis
Stephen Colbert, the fan-favorite talk show host, is back on his show after appendix surgery. (Source: Instagram)

Colbert revealed that he was taping episodes when he started feeling intense apin’. He described it as a “heap of trouble.”

His band leader, Louis Ctao, noticed something was wrong when the producer had to rehearse while sitting with a bucket beside him.

Despite the pain, Colbert pushed through, wanting to make up for lost time due to COVID and a writer’s strike.

Nonetheless, the pain became unbearable, and his driver insisted on going to the hospital, a decision supported by Colbert’s wife.

Colbert needed strong pain meds at the hospital but joked about a silver lining: he lost 14 pounds. His return to the show marks his successful recovery from the appendix surgery.

The famous talk show host is back with a bang. He is all set to give his hundred and one percent to make his audience happy.

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