Sophia Stewart Wikipedia Bio – Is She The Matrix Author? Lawsuit And Age Revealed

Sophia Stewart Wikipedia

Sophia Stewart famously known as “The Mother of Matrix” has been in the news since her lawsuit against The Warner Brothers for the movie Matrix and Terminator. People want to know more about her Wikipedia Bio. So, let’s take a look.

Sophia is an American writer famous for claiming that she is the writer of the oscar-winning movies Matrix and Terminator. She claimed that these movies were the story of The Third eye that she wrote in the 1980s. She even filed a lawsuit against them.

The American Writer was given the nickname because of a rumor which states that she won the case and was given $2.5 Billion for settlement, which is false news.

is Sophia Stewart The matrix author? lawsuit

American writer Sophia Stewart claims to be the author of the movie The Matrix and Terminator.

She found out that her story had gotten stolen when she was seeing the movie ‘The Matrix’ in 1999 and found the storyline to be the same as her story from her book “The Third Eye”.

Sophia Stewart Wikipedia
Sophia Stewart on the cover of Soul Central Magazine. ( Source: Instagram)

Sophie filed her first case against The Warner Brothers and other defendants like Wachowskis, the director of the movie Terminator James Cameron and even the 20th Century Fox, she filed a case of copyright and seek to attempt $1 billion in 2003.

This case was dismissed by the judge in 2005 as Stewart and her attorneys failed to submit enough evidence. The writer again filed a case but this time against her attorneys who fought the case with her of breach of contract and malpractice.

Following the case, a rumor started to appear in the story posted by the Salt Lake Community College Globe Newspapergiving the title ” The Mother of Matrix Victorious” and said she would be receiving “one of the biggest payoffs in the history of Hollywood where gross receipts of both the films and their sequel total over $2.5 billion.”

This was false news and the Globe reposted the news as,” In the recent article The Mother of Matrix Victorious some information was misleading. Ms. Sophia Stewart has yet not won her case against Joel Silver, Time Warner, and the Wachowski Bros. The decision on October 4 enabled Ms. Stewart to proceed with her case, as all attempts to have it dismissed were unsuccessful. Ms. Stetwart’s case will proceed through the Central District Court in California.”

Sophia Stewart Wikipedia

Sophia was born in New York, USA. She is a writer who has written many interesting fictional as well as non-fictional books such as The Third Eye, Matrix 4, The Evolution, and The Mother of the Matrix.

She was in the spotlight not due to her writing but due to her copyright case that she filed against the Warner Brothers and Wachowskis. She sued them for stealing her story and making the oscar-winning movies The Matrix and Terminator.

Sophia Stewart Wikipedia
Sophia Stewart at the MGM in Los Vegas. (Source: Instagram)

Much information has not been shared by the Mother of Matrix may but for several reasons like security or not wanting to get her private space disturbed by the media or paparazzi.

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Sophia Stewart Age

The film writer has been secretive about her stuff, so she has not shared information relating to her age. It is very common for writers to not share age as age can be a sensitive topic that can influence their reader’s perspective as well as the ideas they share.

Sophia Stewart Wikipedia
Sophia Stewart. (Source: Instagram)

As we already know, she wrote a book the Third Eye in the 1980s and filed a case in 2003 against Warner Brothers. So, we can assume as of today she will be in her 60s or 70s.

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