What Happened To Saweetie Teeth: Has She Used Braces And Whitened Them

Saweetie Teeth

What Happened To Saweetie Teeth: Has She Used Braces And Whitened Them To Perfect Her Million Dollar Smile?

Diamonte Quiava Valentin Harper, known professionally as Saweetie, is an American rapper who rose to fame after the 2017 release of her debut single, “Icy Grl.”

She was subsequently signed to Artistry Worldwide, a Warner Records subsidiary, by her manager, Max Gousse.

Saweetie has since released several EPs, including High Maintenance and Icy, spawning the top 40 hit “My Type.”

With singles like “Tap In” and “Best Friend” ft. Doja Cat leading up to her upcoming album Pretty Bitch Music, the rapper continues making waves. In 2021, she earned two Grammy nominations, including the prestigious Best New Artist nod.

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What Happened To Saweetie Teeth?

People often discuss Saweetie’s teeth as they seem perfect. Her pristine smile has led to speculation about possible dental work, but research suggests her teeth are natural and healthy.

As a star constantly in the public eye, she likely takes excellent care of her teeth to maintain a polished look. While there are no reports that she has used braces, she may whiten her teeth to keep them bright.

White teeth are desirable, so it makes sense that a celebrity like a rapper would want an ideal smile. But overall, the evidence indicates her smile is a product of good genetics and diligent hygiene.

Saweetie Teeth
Due to their perfection, Saweetie’s teeth are frequently a topic of conversation among her fans. (Source: harpersbazaar)

She does not appear to have had any major dental procedures. Her teeth align properly without signs of corrective braces.

Their natural whiteness comes from mindful maintenance rather than drastic whitening treatments.

Saweetie prioritizes dental health to showcase a naturally flawless celebrity smile.

Her teeth may not be perfect, but they reflect conscientious efforts to keep them looking their best. Ultimately, good habits and luck seem responsible for her eye-catching teeth.

Saweetie Teeth: Has She Used Braces And Whitened Them

There is no evidence that Saweetie has used braces at any point. Her teeth appear straight and evenly aligned, which could be good natural luck.

As mentioned, she may use whitening treatments to keep her teeth looking bright, as is common among many celebrities and public figures.

Saweetie Teeth
Saweetie was photographed wearing diamond grills on her teeth. (Source: Twitter)

Sparkling white teeth are part of her glamorous image, so taking steps to whiten them would align with her public persona.

But braces do not seem to have played any role in her dental history based on analysis and a lack of reports indicating otherwise.

Her smile looks naturally well-aligned and enhanced by professional whitening at most.

Saweetie Plastic Surgery

In 2019, Saweetie dodged questions from Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee about possible cosmetic procedures. “I thought I answered your question,” she replied, avoiding directly addressing the topic.

“Did I get it right?” She criticized the media’s preoccupation with women’s looks and bodies, defending women’s right to choose plastic surgery. “It’s their body, their choice,” she asserted.

This wasn’t the first time the rapper faced plastic surgery rumors, but she has consistently opted not to reply, neither confirming nor denying them.

Saweetie Teeth
Saweetie photographed for Glamour Magazine. (Source: Twitter)

During the interview, she reiterated her support for women making decisions about cosmetic procedures if it makes them feel good.

“Their body, their choice. You stated it right there,” the rapper told the host. Whether or not she has personally had work done, she believes women should feel empowered to make that choice themselves.

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