Sasha Montenegro Hijos: Soin Alejandro López Portillo And Daughter Nabila López Portillo Aćimović

Sasha Montenegro Hijos

Sasha Montenegro, a celebrated actress of Montenegrin heritage in Mexican cinema, captivates fans, prompting heightened interest in her personal life, especially her Hijos.

Though born as Aleksandra Aćimović Popović in 1946 in the former Yugoslavia, she relocated to Mexico in 1969 to pursue her acting dreams at age 23.

Adopting the stage name Sasha Montenegro, her breakthrough came just three years later when she starred opposite famed Mexican singer José José in the 1972 film “Un Sueño de Amor.”

Montenegro became a major star in the 1970s and 1980s, appearing in numerous lucha libre films alongside the iconic wrestler El Santo and several popular sex comedies of the era.

She also participated in four telenovelas during her prolific career, scoring a starring role in the 1979 series “Una mujer marcada.”

Sasha Montenegro Hijos

Sasha Montenegro had two children with José López Portillo, the former President of Mexico.

Their daughter, Nabila López Portillo Aćimović, was born in 1985.

Sasha Montenegro Hijos
Sasha Montenegro is no longer with us; she passed away on February 14, 2024, at 78. (source: 24-horas)

Nabila is an artist who has showcased her artwork nationally and internationally.

Their son, Alejandro López Portillo, was born in 1987.

He manages his mother’s businesses, preferring to lead a private life out of the public eye.

Both children were born before Sasha and José married in 1995.

Despite having such famous parents, Nabila and Alejandro have chosen privacy over publicity.

Nabila exhibits her artwork in various galleries as she continues her artistic career.

Alejandro helps run his mother’s enterprises but avoids the spotlight cast on famous figures’ children.

The two siblings have guarded their personal lives closely, though their lineage connects them to Mexican political power.

In their selective circles, Nabila and Alejandro let their work speak more loudly than their names.

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Sasha Montenegro husband 

Sasha Montenegro was romantically involved with Mexican President José López Portillo while he was still married to Carmen Romano.

Their controversial relationship began in the 1980s, during Portillo’s presidential term from 1976 to 1982.

Sasha Montenegro Hijos
Sasha Montenegro pictured with her kids and Lopez Portillo. (source: gluc)

Despite the scrutiny over their affair while Portillo was still head of state and married, Montenegro and Portillo’s relationship persevered.

After his term ended, they officially married in a modest civil ceremony in 1991.

However, their marriage faced ongoing challenges, including disputes with Portillo’s children from his first wife, who opposed the match.

Tensions escalated when Montenegro was restricted from visiting Portillo in the hospital by his family during his illness.

As divorce proceedings commenced years later, Portillo passed away amidst the complex tensions with his second wife and children from his previous marriage.

Sasha Montenegro Family details 

Sasha Montenegro was born Aleksandra Aćimović Popović on January 20, 1946, in Bari, Italy, to Montenegrin parents Silvia Popović and Živojin Aćimović.

Her aristocratic mother’s family unfortunately died in Nazi death camps during WWII occupation of Yugoslavia.

The surviving relatives relocated to Argentina, where Sasha was raised.

Her early exposure to such tragedy, shaped by her parents’ influence, likely strengthened Sasha’s resilience and determination—qualities that benefited her acting career.

Sasha later moved to Mexico, becoming a successful actress in the 1970s, starring in lucha libre films with El Santo and various Mexican sex comedies.

She also held roles in four telenovelas, most notably as the lead in “A Tainted Woman” in 1979.

Sasha’s complex family history, from WWII-torn Yugoslavia to a new life in South America, preceded her rise to fame across Mexico’s unique entertainment scene.

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