Samira Frasch Children: Meet Daughters Hyrah And Skynaah Family Tree

Samira Frasch Children

Samira Frasch children, Hyrah and Skynaah, have become the subject of online conversation as people are eager to learn more about them.

Samira Mariette Frasch was a retired French supermodel and beauty queen who met a tragic and mysterious end in 2014 at just 38 years old.

As a teenager, she won Miss France Elite and worked internationally before moving to Florida with her partner, Adam Frasch, and their two young daughters.

The former supermodel loved singing, traveling, and music-related activities.

However, the beauty queen’s glamorous life ended abruptly in murky circumstances. Her shocking death remains unresolved.

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Samira Frasch Children: Meet Daughters Hyrah And Skynaah 

Samira was the mother of two daughters, Hyrah and Skynaah Frasch.

Hyrah, the eldest, was born in 2011, while the exact birth date of Skynaah remains undisclosed, though she is believed to be two years younger than her sister.

Samira was a dedicated and loving mother, cherished by her loved ones for her devotion to her daughters.

From a young age, the eldest daughter gained prominence in the public eye thanks to her mother’s efforts to dress her up in stylish outfits, including leopard print bows and branded clothing.

This led to several public appearances where she flaunted her fashionable attire.

As a child model, the eldest daughter had her own social media presence, along with a website that showcased her trendy adventures with her mother.

Professional photographers often captured her at various events, and tourist destinations, adding to her glamorous image.

On the other hand, information about the youngest daughter, Skynaah, is scarce and not readily available.

Samira Frasch Children
Pictured: Samira Frasch Children, Hyrah (R) and Skynaah Frasch (L). (Source: dignitymemorial)

Before her unfortunate demise, the model found herself embroiled in a contentious divorce with Adam, which resulted in her gaining temporary custody of the children and his assets.

This custody dispute complicated the investigation surrounding her death.

Following her passing, Samira Frasch children were shielded from the public eye during the legal proceedings.

At present, due to her minor status, details about the Frasch siblings’ whereabouts are undisclosed, but she is reported to be safe under the care of a relative.

In memory of their cherished bond, the social media accounts Samira established for Hyrah remain active, preserving the beautiful moments they shared before her demise.

Samira Frasch Family Tree

Samira Frasch was born on December 12, 1975, in Madagascar to her parents Madiolaza Mbotizafy and Razafisoa Zafy, who both hailed from Antsohihy, Madagascar.

Her family comes from a modest background. However, pursuing a career in modeling led her to France, where she found success in the industry.

At some point in her life, the retired model’s family moved from France to the United States.

Samira Frasch Children
Samira Frasch’s daughter, Hyrah, was just two years old when her mother died. (Source: NBC News)

The Frasch family faced distress and uncertainty when her lifeless body was discovered in a pond behind her father-in-law’s house in Florida following a confrontation with her husband.

Suspicion arose around him, but her family initially felt that the investigation left many questions unanswered about her final night.

Frasch’s family went through a very sad and difficult time after the French model’s tragic incident. 

The situation left them feeling great pain and uncertainty regarding the events that transpired.

Samira Frasch Husband Adam Frasch

Samira was married to chiropractor Adam Frasch at the time of her mysterious 2009 death.

The two had a turbulent relationship marked by domestic disputes prior to the tragic incident.

On the night the model died after fleeing a party, he was the prime suspect since he was heard arguing with her hours prior.

He claimed his spouse’s death in the pond behind his father’s mansion was an accidental fall.

The doctor was eventually charged with his wife’s murder in 2011 but avoided conviction in a 2017 trial.

Adam was eventually charged with his wife’s murder in 2011 but avoided conviction in a 2017 trial.

Samira Frasch Children
Dr. Adam Frasch pleaded not guilty to murdering his wife Samira Frasch. (Source: Daily Mail)

Her family felt justice was never properly served. While only found guilty of lesser crimes, he remains the subject of suspicion regarding his wife’s unnerving demise.

In the over a decade since Samira’s passing, the chiropractor has remained out of the public eye.

Very little is known about his current whereabouts or situation.

But the lingering questions around his role in the troubling case still cast a cloud over Samira’s widower.

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