Ryan Day Sister And Brother: How Many Siblings?

Ryan Day Sister

Who is Ryan Day Sister And Brother? Ryan Day’s followers are keen to uncover details about his personal life, delving into the dynamics with his siblings, parents, and his wife. 

Ryan Day, the accomplished American football coach, excelled as a quarterback and linebacker at the University of New Hampshire before transitioning to coaching.

With a coaching journey spanning various institutions, he joined the Ohio State Buckeyes in 2017, swiftly rising to head coach by December 2018.

Known for offensive prowess, Day boasts a remarkable record, including two Big Ten championships, Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl victories, and consecutive College Football Playoff appearances.

Recognized for his quarterback development skills, he has solidified his standing as a prominent figure in college football coaching.

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Ryan Day Sister And Brother

Ryan Day does not have a sister bit he has two brothers. He grew up with two younger brothers, Chris and Tim Day.

Despite facing the loss of their father at a young age, the three siblings formed a strong bond.

Raised by their mother, Lisa, who worked multiple jobs to support the family, the Day brothers became inspirations for each other.

Chris Day, the middle sibling at 43, pursued a career as a DEA Officer in Manchester City and has maintained a private life, including a blissful marriage since 2015.

Tim Day, the youngest at 40, was a three-sport athlete at Manchester Central High School and later played as a quarterback for the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Ryan Day Sister
Ryan Day with his brothers (Image Source: theathletic)

As of 2023, Tim serves as a distributor principal at Alphatec Spine. The Day brothers, Ryan, Chris, and Tim, found solace and guidance in their grandfather, Paul McGann, after losing their father.

Paul’s influence inspired Ryan to prioritize football, ultimately leading him to a successful career as a football coach.

The family’s resilience and support for each other formed the foundation for their achievements.

Ryan Day Parents: Lisa and Raymond

Ryan Day’s parents, Lisa and Raymond Day played significant roles in shaping the coach’s life.

Born on March 12, 1979, in Manchester, New Hampshire, Ryan experienced the profound loss of his father, Raymond, at the age of eight due to suicide.

Raymond had owned a convenience store in the local area, and his untimely death marked a turning point for the Day family.

Despite the tragedy, Ryan recalls his father as a regular guy who, one day in January, didn’t come home, altering the course of their lives forever.

Lisa Day, Ryan’s mother, became a single parent, taking on the responsibility of raising Ryan and his two younger brothers, Chris and Tim, on her own.

A former teacher, Lisa worked tirelessly to provide for her family and instill values of strength and success in her children.

Ryan Day often emphasizes the impact of his father’s death on his childhood and actively raises awareness about mental health struggles and suicide.

While Ryan Day’s father, Raymond, passed away in 1988, Lisa Day continues to reside in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The exact location of Raymond Day’s grave remains private. In contrast, Ryan has established his own family in Delaware, Ohio, where he serves as the Head Coach of Ohio State University’s football team.

Despite his residence in Ohio, Ryan remains proud of his New Hampshire heritage, with his parents being white Americans of Caucasian descent.

Although his surname, Day, has roots in Scottish, Welsh, and English origins, Ryan Day himself identifies as a white-American national, dispelling any misconceptions about his ethnicity.

Ryan Day Wife And Kids

Ryan Day’s love life revolves around his enduring relationship with Christina Spirou Day, affectionately known as Nina.

The couple, who were childhood friends, eventually became romantically involved after many decades of closeness.

Despite developing feelings for each other later in life, their bond proved strong, leading to their marriage in June 2005.

Since then, Ryan and Nina have navigated life’s challenges together, showcasing a resilient and enduring commitment.

Ryan Day Sister
Ryan Day with his family (Image Source: ustoday)

The Days are a family of five, with Ryan and Christina sharing three children. Their son, RJ, and daughters, Grace and Nia, complete their loving household.

The couple’s journey from childhood friendship to marriage and parenting reflects a deep and lasting connection that has stood the test of time.

Christina Spirou, now Christina Spirou Day, attended the University of New Hampshire, where she earned a degree in communications in 2000.

Notably, she has a twin sister named Kelly, who, like Christina, has been friends with Ryan since childhood.

Nina hails from a basketball-oriented family, with her father, Stan Spirou, serving as the men’s basketball coach at Southern New Hampshire University from 1985 to 2018.

The intertwining of sports and family bonds adds an extra layer of connection to the Day family’s story.

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