Romilly Weeks Husband Nick Green Married Life And kids

Romilly Weeks Husband

A prominent British journalist is known for her work as an ITV News correspondent. Let’s explore Romilly Weeks Husband, Nick Green, and their family.

Romilly Weeks is a distinguished English journalist known for her remarkable career with ITV News.

Born on December 15, 1973, in Paddington, London, she initially pursued acting before transitioning to broadcast journalism.

Over the years, Weeks has extensively covered major global events, including her embedded reporting with the British Army during the Second Gulf War and her coverage of the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand.

Her career with ITV News includes roles as a newscaster on the now-closed ITV News Channel and later as a royal correspondent and news presenter.

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Who Is Romilly Weeks Husband, Nick Green

Romilly Weeks, the accomplished English journalist renowned for her work with ITV News, shares her life with her husband Nick Green, a media consultant.

Shrouded in privacy, their marriage has seen them journey through life together, raising three children.

Residing in the tranquil environs of North London, the couple has crafted a life defined by both personal and professional accomplishments.

Nick Green, known not only as a media consultant but also as a co-founder of the Chifafa kebab shop in Farringdon, London, has been Romilly’s partner in love and business.

Romilly Weeks Husband
Romilly Weeks is married to Nick Green. (source: ok. co)

Romilly Weeks has always held her personal life close to her heart, maintaining a clear distinction between her public and private spheres.

Her ability to balance her personal life with her demanding career underscores her commitment to her family and her passion for journalism.

Romilly Weeks Married Life 

Romilly Weeks, the distinguished British journalist known for her pivotal role as a political correspondent and news presenter at ITV News, enjoys a private and fulfilling family life alongside her husband, Nick Green.

In addition to being Romilly’s life partner, Nick Green is recognized as a media consultant and co-founder of the Chifafa kebab shop, a venture located in Farringdon, London.

While Chifafa contributed to the culinary scene, it eventually closed its doors in 2016, as indicated in the final filed accounts 2018.

The couple has built their life together in North London, creating a nurturing environment for their three children.

Romilly Weeks Husband
Romilly Sarah Weeks was born in Paddington, London, on December 15, 1973. (source: thecelebscloset)

Romilly, a highly accomplished journalist who has covered significant political events, maintains a steadfast boundary between her personal and public life.

She prioritizes her family’s privacy, refraining from divulging extensive details about their life together.

In a world often marked by public scrutiny, Romilly Weeks’ commitment to safeguarding her family’s well-being is a testament to her values as both a journalist and a devoted family member.

Romilly Weeks kids

Romilly Weeks, the accomplished British journalist renowned for her role as a political correspondent and news presenter at ITV News, shares a life rich in family bliss with her husband, Nick Green.

However, Romilly has been unwavering in her commitment to preserving her family’s privacy.

Romilly and Nick have thoughtfully crafted a life for their family in North London, embracing the tranquility and charm of the area.

In an era of heightened public scrutiny, Romilly Weeks has chosen to shield her family from the glare of the media spotlight. This decision resonates with her dedication to journalism’s principles.

Her ability to harmonize the demands of a high-profile career with a private and fulfilling family life exemplifies her grace and resilience.

Romilly’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding her family’s well-being continues to inspire, reinforcing her reputation as a journalist of integrity and a devoted family woman.

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