Robert Whittaker Parents: Meet Jewel And Jack Whittaker

Robert Whittaker Parents

Robert Whittaker parents, Jewel And Jack Whittaker, have played a pivotal role in shaping his career as a professional MMA fighter. In this informative article, let’s learn about them alongside his siblings, religion and ethnicity. 

Robert Whittaker an esteemed Australian mixed martial artist. He has cemented himself as an influential figure in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight division.

Originating from New Zealand. Whittaker entered MMA in 2009 and swiftly made waves within the industry.

His victory in the welterweight tournament during The Ultimate Fighter: The Smash’s inaugural season brought him well-deserved recognition.

Building upon his remarkable potential, Whittaker ascended to interim middleweight champion at UFC 213 through unmatched skill and unwavering determination.

Perhaps even more impressively, he seamlessly transitioned to undisputed champion after Georges St Pierres’ voluntary resignation from the UFC Middleweight Championship.

Currently situated at #2 among UFC middleweights and holding an honorable position at #15 regarding men’s pound-for-pound rankings.

It is abundantly clear that Whittakers’ indomitable spirit and exceptional talent place him as a true force within mixed martial arts.

Robert Whittaker Parents: Meet Jewel And Jack Whittaker

Robert Whittaker’s parents, Jack Whittaker and Jewel Whittaker, have played pivotal roles in his life and career.

Despite their separation in 2000, Jack Whittaker was responsible for raising Robert and his brother as a single father, providing them with unwavering care and support.

He became their pillar of strength during this challenging period.

Robert Whittaker Parents
Robert Whittaker with his father. (source: playersbio)

After the separation, Robert and his brother, Steven, relocated to the Sydney suburb of Menai, where their father resided.

In this new environment, Robert’s passion for martial arts began to flourish.

At seven, Jack Whittaker enrolled both boys in a Goju-Ryu Karate school to instill self-discipline and self-defense skills.

Over eight years, Robert diligently trained in Goju-Ryu Karate and achieved a black belt.

During this time, his father allowed him to explore alternative sports or discontinue karate, demonstrating his support and belief in Robert’s choices.

The enduring influence of Jack Whittaker on Robert’s life and career is evident.

Robert has repeatedly expressed gratitude for his father’s guidance and has credited him and his mother for their unwavering support throughout his journey as a mixed martial artist.

Despite the challenges of their separation, the love and dedication of Robert Whittaker’s parents have played an integral role in shaping the person and athlete he is today.

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Robert Whittaker siblings 

Robert Whittaker has always shared a deep connection with his brother Steven Whittaker.

After their move to Menai, Robert stumbled upon Henry Perez Hapkido gym, which eventually transformed into an MMA training facility, while Steven chose not to continue with martial arts altogether.

Initially, joining the gym wasn’t meant to be more than an experiment for Robert; little did he know that he would soon be captivated by the world of mixed martial arts.

Opting for MMA instead of rugby league allowed him to uncover his true passion and innate talent for combat sports.

Aside from the strong bond with Steven, Robert also takes on legal responsibility for his younger half-siblings, Kerehi and Henry Matafeo.

With shared interests and their father’s guidance, the Whittaker siblings have formed a formidable alliance built on solidarity and support throughout their journeys in fighting sports.

Robert Whittaker Religion and ethnicity

Robert Whittaker’s heritage reflects the blending of European, Māori, and Samoan cultures.

His father’s lineage traces back to Europe, while his mother has Māori and Samoan roots.

Of immense pride to him is his strong connection with the Māori community through his mother’s side.

Nonetheless, Whittaker intentionally keeps his religious affiliations private without public disclosure as he considers it a personal matter that should be respected.

Robert Whittaker Parents
Robert Whittaker with his wife and kids. (source: playersbio)

Robert Whittaker found love with Sofia Whittaker, and after years of being together, they married following a two-year engagement.

Sofia celebrates her birthday on April 6th and is originally from Sydney, she has become essential to Robert’s life.

Sofia completed her graduation endeavors by entering the workforce at a gym. Currently, Sofia works alongside Robert at Robert Whittaker MMA.

Additionally, she showcases her passion for fitness by sharing workout videos that serve as inspiration on her Instagram page.

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