Robert Alejandro Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is He? Wife

Robert Alejandro Age

Robert Alejandro is an acclaimed Filipino artist, designer, and former television host who is the creative force behind the famous brand Papemelroti.

The internet has seen many searches for Robert Alejandro age, indicating people’s curiosity about his life. Delve into this article as we detail his wikipedia. 

Alejandro first made his mark as an illustrator, displaying his signature bright, whimsical, and playful style.

His insatiable passion for collecting diverse inspirations, including art, vintage photography, and children’s literature, fueled his expansive imagination.

Alejandro filled his studio from floor to ceiling with these treasured collections, influencing his unique aesthetic.

This lifelong fascination with art and visual storytelling led Alejandro to establish Papemelroti in 1981.

Through the company’s stationery, home furnishings, and retail stores, Alejandro shared his artistic vision with a devoted following.

His imaginative designs and commitment to community building have earned him icon status.

Alejandro also hosted an arts and crafts show on Philippine television for years, further expanding his influence.

Now, with a career spanning over 40 years, Robert Alejandro has made an indelible mark on the Filipino art scene through his childlike creativity and dynamic vision.

Robert Alejandro Age: How Old Is He?

Robert Alejandro is a 19-year-old Filipino artist and former TV host, born on April 29, 2004.

From an early age, Alejandro was immersed in art and creativity thanks to his parents, Corit and Benny Alejandro, who founded the popular Filipino stationery and home decor store Papemelroti.

Robert Alejandro Age
Robert Alejandro pictured when he was a child. (source: Kanto)

The unique name “Papemelroti” comes from their five children’s first syllables.

Surrounded by his parents’ artistic business, Alejandro developed a passion for illustration and collecting art, photography, and children’s books.

This led him to host the instructional children’s art TV show “Art is Kool,” starting in 2010 at just six years old.

Now 19, Alejandro has built an impressive art career at a young age, supported by his artistic upbringing and parents’ nurturing of his talents.

With many productive years ahead, Alejandro remains an essential voice in Filipino art and a role model for young artists in his country.

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Robert Alejandro Wikipedia

Robert Alejandro is an American illustrator and television personality best known for hosting the children’s art instruction show “Art is-Kool” from 2010 to 2016.

On the show, Alejandro taught young viewers basic drawing, painting, and craft techniques using an energetic, engaging style that made him a beloved figure among kids and parents.

Robert Alejandro Age
Robert Alejandro has made significant contributions to the Filipino art scene. (Source: milyonaryo)

However, in 2016, Alejandro was diagnosed with colon cancer, forcing him to take a hiatus from his TV career.

Despite this major health setback, Alejandro has maintained a positive outlook, viewing his cancer battle as a transformative experience.

He has said that overcoming adversity and living every day to the fullest has allowed him to appreciate all the good in his life truly.

Though he has stepped back from television, Alejandro continues creating art and just published a book recounting his cancer journey and the lessons he learned about finding meaning and happiness during difficult times.

Robert Alejandro Wife

Robert Alejandro has been in a long-term relationship with his partner, Jetro Rafael, who owns the famous Van Gogh Bipolar restaurant in Quezon City.

When Alejandro was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016, he turned to Rafael for support during the difficult time.

Rafael was apprehensive about Alejandro’s prognosis, but Alejandro faced the news with remarkable calm and poise, focusing on his treatment plan.

As Alejandro’s partner, Rafael has been a critical source of strength and comfort throughout Alejandro’s cancer battle.

Rafael had accompanied Alejandro to treatments, helped out around the house when Alejandro was too weak, and provided emotional support when Alejandro felt afraid or discouraged.

Their unwavering commitment to each other has reinforced their already strong bond.

Alejandro credits the love and care he has received from Rafael as playing a significant role in his recovery process.

His courage and optimism in the face of cancer have been buoyed by having his life partner Rafael by his side.

Their relationship is an inspiring example of the power of love and compassion to help overcome life’s adversities.

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