Ringo Starr Net Worth: The Beatles & Career

Ringo Starr

Sir Richard Starkey, popularly known by his stage name Ringo Starr, has a net worth of a whopping $350 million.

Mr. Starr is best known as the drummer of the English rock and roll band The Beatles.

Aside from being a drummer, Ringo is also a singer, songwriter, and actor. In fact, he sometimes sang lead vocals with the band, usually for one song on each album.

Moreover, Rolling Stone readers ranked him the fifth-greatest drummer of all time in 2011.

Ringo Starr
Ringo Starr (Source: NPR)

Similarly, he is one of the few musicians who have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice.

In 2015, Ringo Starr was an inductee of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist and in 1988 as a member of the Beatles.

Furthermore, for his services to music, Ringo was appointed a Knight Bachelor in the 2018 New Year Honors by the Duke of Cambridge.

Ringo Starr | Quick Facts

Full name Sir Richard Starkey
Date of birth 7th July 1940
Age 83 Years Old
Birthplace 9 Madryn Street in Dingle, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Religion Christian Hindu with Buddhist tendencies
Nationality British
Ethnicity Mixed
Education Dingle Vale Secondary Modern School
Father’s name Richard Starkey
Mother’s name Elsie Starkey
Zodiac sign Cancer
Height 1.65 m, 168 cm, 5 feet, and 5 inches
Weight 68 kg, 149 lbs.
Spouse Maureen Starkey Tigrett (m. 1965-1975)

Barbara Bach (m. 1981)

Children Zak Starkey, Jason Starkey, Lee Starkey
Shoe Size 10 US
Hair color Dark Drown
Eye color Blue
Net Worth $350 million
Siblings Not Mentioned
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Profession Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Actor
Current status Active
Nickname Ringo Starr
Salary Not Available
Social Media TwitterInstagram, Facebook
Last Update June 2024

Ringo Starr Net Worth and Income

Ringo Starr’s Net Worth

British musician, singer, and songwriter Ringo Starr has a gigantic net worth of $350 million as of 2021.

Mr. Starr has amassed most of his fortune as drummer and singer of the greatest rock n roll band of all times, the Beatles.

Ringo joined the Beatles in 1962, replacing former drummer Pete Best.

The band has sold a staggering 1.6 billion singles in the United States. That’s Billion with a B.

Similarly, it sold 177 million albums in the United States alone.

If we look at the worldwide figure, it’s even higher. The band successfully sold a whopping 600 million albums globally, which is enough to make them the best-selling music artists of all time.

No wonder all four band members are worth so much higher, with the lead singer Paul McCartney being a billionaire.

The band basically toured all over the world and made a ton of money for all four bandmates.

The Beatles

Apart from music sales and tours, the Beatles still make money to this day from royalties.

In 2019 alone, the band made a whopping $67 million in royalties.

Similarly, according to Billboard, the Fab Four in 2021 ranked third in physical sales, selling over 671,000 copies of its album.

Out of total album sales, 78% were vinyl reissues. Likewise, the band also generated a total of 1.8 billion streams, which is quite impressive for a rock band in the present day.

The Beatles
The Beatles (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The royalties of the band would have been much higher if they had not sold the publishing rights of the vast majority of the Beatles catalog for $47 million to pop star Michael Jackson in 1985.

After the death of Michael Jackson, the publishing rights of the Beatles catalog went to Sony ATV.

Apart from the Beatles, Ringo also has had a successful solo career.

Moreover, Starr earned $3 million in 2013 from his various endeavors.

Ringo Starr’s Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s look at Ringo Starr’s Net Worth in several currencies, including BitCoin, the cryptocurrency.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 309.94 million
Pound Sterling £ 263.59 million
Australian Dollar A$ 496.38 million
Canadian Dollar C$ 446.25 million
Indian Rupee ₹ 26,380,375,000
BitCoin ฿ 6,895.27

Ringo Starr | Houses and Cars


Ringo has invested in tons of real estate over the years.

He owns several homes. He and his family split their time between the United States, the United Kingdom, and Monte Carlo.

In 1999 Ringo paid just about £2 million ($2.65 million) for a gorgeous mansion in Carleigh, Surrey, England.

The house features cool 200 acres of land with formal gardens, lakes, and a riding school.

However, the drummer put the mansion in the market for sale in 2014 for £20 million (about $31.3 million).

Similarly, in 1971 Ringo purchased a home in Tittenhurst Park at Sunninghill in Berkshire from the legendary bandmate John Lennon and moved his family there.

Starr also owns a beautiful home in the Chelsea district of London.


You’re Sixteen, You’re Beautiful” singer Ringo Starr has a super impressive collection of cars.

Ringo purchased a gorgeous Facel Vega II Coupé in 1964 for $5,570. He purchased the car from Earls Court Motor Show.

He kept the car for years with himself and finally auctioned it off in 2012. The car was finally sold for a whopping $567,000.

Similarly, he also owned a 1968 Ford Mustang 289, which he sold in 1991.

Apart from that, Ringo has been spotted in several other high-end automobiles on different occasions.

Other cars in his collection include Mercedes Benz 600, 1966 Mini Cooper, and Mercedes Benz 190SL.

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Ringo Starr | Lifestyle & Vacations


Given Ringo Starr’s net worth and income, the rock icon lives a pretty decent life.

The 83 Years Old artist is concerned about his growing age and follows a strict diet plan.

Every morning he eats broccoli and blueberries. He told the Rolling Stones that the vegetarian diet helps him to stay fit, active, and healthy.

He also works out with his personal trainer every day.

Interestingly, Starr went vegetarian after attending a bullfight in Spain.

He was said to be an all-organic vegan back in 2016, but it is not clear whether he still sticks with a plant-based diet.

Starr also meditates daily.

As for his personal life, Ringo married Maureen Cox in 1965. Brian Epstein, manager of the Beatles, was the best man while bandmate George Harrison and Ringo’s stepfather Harry Graves were witnesses.

Nonetheless, they divorced in 1975 because of Starr’s repeated betrayal.

He also later admitted to being careless with his marriage, wife-beater, drunk and absent father.

Years after Maureen passed away at the age of 48 from leukemia, Starr married actress, Barbara Bach. He met her on the set of the film Caveman.

Ringo currently has eight grandchildren, and he was the first Beatle member to become a great-grandfather.


It’s no surprise that as part of the Beatles, Starr has traveled around the world.

He was constantly on the move along with his bandmates to various nations for concerts and tours.

Ringo Starr & John Lennon on a Couple Vacation
Ringo Starr & John Lennon on a Couple Vacation (Source: Pinterest)

Back in 1966, John Lennon and Ringo Starr went on vacation to Trinidad.

Similarly, Starr went to Corfu, Greece, for a vacation in 1963 and was accompanied by the lead singer of the Beatles, Paul McCartney.

Ringo Starr | Charity

Back in 2017, Ringo Starr sold off his pictures in New York City, and 100% of the proceeds went to Lotus Foundation.

Lotus Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Starr and his wife Barbara Back in 2006 with the aim to fund, support, promote and participate in charitable projects.

It basically supports causes such as Cerebral palsy, substance abuse, cancer, brain tumors, homelessness, and animals in need.

Similarly, Starr contributed a song to an album benefiting victims of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. It also raised money for the David Lynch Foundation.

Moreover, Starr also presented a cancer survivor with a set of drums in 2011.

Furthermore, Ringo Starr took part in the first-ever multi-artist benefit concert organized by fellow bandmate George Harrison in 1971 in Bangladesh.

As of June 2024, Ringo Starr’s net worth is $350 million.

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Ringo Starr | Movies, Music, and Books


Rock icon Ringo Starr has appeared in numerous films, TV series, and TV documentaries. He has worked as a producer as well as a sound artist on several screen projects.

He has also voiced over several animated characters.

Starr appeared in the TV series Shining Time Station in 1989.

Similarly, he appeared in the 1971 Spaghetti western film Blindman.

Likewise, Starred appeared as a guest performer in Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In in 1970.

Apart from these, Starr made an appearance in the 1973 film Son of Dracula and That’ll be The Day.


Ringo Starr is popularly known as the drummer of the Beatles.

Though he came in late replacing the former drummer in the band, his quirky drumming pattern immediately became famous.

Apart from drumming, he also sang lead on several tracks, including Yellow Submarine, With a Little Help from my Friends, Good Night, and Boys. Similarly, he wrote Octopus’s Garden and Don’t Pass me By.

Ringo Starr With Drums
Ringo Starr With Drums (Source:
Holy Bee of Ephesus)

Following the breakup of the band in 1970, Starr embarked upon a solo career and became immensely successful.

To date, Starr has released 20 studio albums.

He released his first solo studio album entitled ‘Sentimental Journey‘ in 1970.

Perhaps the biggest hit of his solo career is a track entitled Photograph, which was co-written by George Harrison. It peaked at No. 1 in the United States.


Ringo Starr has published a couple of books over the years.

He released his book Postcards From The Boys in the year 2004, which features the reproductions of postcards Starr sent to three other Beatle members along with his commentary.

Postcard From the Boys
Postcards From the Boys (Source: Amazon)

Similarly, he published a picture book titled Another Day in the Life in 2019.

Ringo Starr | Career

Ringo Starr, originally Richard Starkey, was born on 7th July 1940 in Liverpool, England.

The only child of Elsie Gleave and Richard, Ringo was just a young boy when his parents divorced.

His father was not around much and was raised by his mother, who took a job as a barmaid.

Starr’s mother later married Harry Graves in 1954, who happened to be a huge musical band fan.

His stepfather introduced him to recordings of Sarah Vaughan, Billy Daniels, and Dinah Shore.

The Beatles Live Performance
The Beatles Live Performance (Source: The Patriot Ledger)

Eventually, he began working at Henry Hunt and Son, a Liverpool school equipment manufacturer, as an apprentice machinist where he met Roy Trafford.

He and Trafford shared similar music interests and began rehearsing songs together in lunch breaks.

Ringo’s stepfather gifted him a second-hand drum for Christmas.

He later joined one of the popular bands in Liverpool at the time, the Hurricanes as a drummer, and it was this time around when he met the Beatles.

He joined the Beatles in 1962.

Unknown Facts About Ringo Starr

  • Ringo was a very sickly child. He spent most of his youth in sanatoriums and hospitals because of tuberculosis and pleurisy.
  • At the age of six, Ringo went into a coma for ten weeks after his appendix burst.
  • Ringo hates traveling early in the morning, setting up his drums in a hurry, and also motorcycles.


Is Ringo Starr a left-handed drummer?

Ringo is a left-handed drummer who plays right-handed drum kit.

Is it Sir Ringo Starr or Sir Richard Starkey?

It’s actually Sir Richard Starkey Ringo Starr MBE.

Are Paul and Ringo still friends?

The former bandmates have remained great friends over the years. However, they don’t get to spend much time together these days.

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