Revelle Balmain Parents: Mother Jan And Father Ivor Balmain, Family Tree

Revelle Balmain Parents

Who were Revelle Balmain parents? Delve into the family tree and ethnic background of this missing Australian model and dancer.

Revelle Sabine Balmain was born on 11 July 1972. Revelle was an Australian model and dancer. Besides modelling, she worked as an escort.

However, Balmain mysteriously disappeared from the Sydney suburb of Kingsford in November 1994. She has never been found since.

Revelle is believed to have been murdered. Likewise, she hails from Manly, New South Wales. 

Balmain’s case has made waves in the unsolved mysterious topics. Similarly, she won the 2022 federal election and held the office as a senator. 

While her modelling career was noteworthy, Revelle was also a dancer with a diverse background. 

Revelle ascended to various positions and has served as a hostess. She also planned on visiting Japan for her fourth cabaret tour. She was there as a hostess for six weeks.

Moreover, this article will delve into Revelle Balmain Parents, focusing on her family background. 

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Meet Revelle Balmain Parents: Mother Jan And Father Ivor Balmain

Missing Australian model Revelle Sabine Balmain was born on 11 July 1972 to Jan and Ivor Balmain. Likewise, her parents raised her in Manly, New South Wales.

At age 22, Revelle vanished on 5 November 1994 from Bellevue Hill, New South Wales. 

On the day she went missing, 5 November 1994, Revelle had arranged to meet her mother at Newcastle Station for lunch.

Reportedly, she lived in Sydney. However, her mother did not arrive on the train as expected.

Unfortunately, Revelle’s mother, Jan, never saw her daughter after that day. Sadly, she passed away in 2020 without knowing who was responsible for her daughter’s murder.

Revelle Balmain Parents
Revelle Balmain Parents: The missing Australian model’s family died without knowing their daughter’s culprit. (Source: ABC)

On the same day at 4:00 p.m., Revelle was supposed to visit a client in the south-eastern Sydney suburb of Kingsford. As mentioned earlier, Revelle worked as an escort under the name of “Mischa.”

Revelle’s parents were much involved in the case. They wanted to find out who killed their daughter. 

However, they died without ever knowing what happened to their beloved daughter. 

In recent times, a major twist has been reported regarding the mystery of the missing model. 

In 1999, a coronial inquest found Revelle died at the hands of a person or multiple individuals. Her matter was being referred to the unsolved homicide unit.

Concerned authorities received an anonymous tip-off in 2021. So, the police uncovered a new person they believe is linked to the cold case. Likewise, the authorities mentioned

Our team want to identify the person and speak to anyone that does know him. Hopefully, people can come forward and provide the information to us, not anonymously.

Revelle’s family struggle and her journey to become an established model is full of hindrances. She and her parents faced several troubles from the well-managed society during their journey.

Moreover, Revelle’s parents lived their lives to find out the culprit but never became successful.

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Revelle Balmain Family Tree And Ethnicity

Missing Australian model Revelle Balmain belonged to a loving family. Likewise, she had a promising career, but was short-lived due to unsolved circumstances.

Balmain’s disappearance has caused immeasurable grief to her family for over three decades. Her mother, Jan, died without knowing her daughter’s murderer in 2020.

Revelle had an elder sister named Suellen Simpson. Her sister revealed and said: 

For several years, our family toiled tirelessly to find out what happened to my young sister. However, both our mother and Revelle’s father, Ivor, died without ever knowing what happened to our little girl. 

Regarding Revelle’s family tree, she is of Australian descent. Her paternal family is originally from Manly, New South Wales.

Revelle Balmain Parents and family tree
Missing model Revelle Balmain’s ex-boss was charged. (Source: The West Australian)

Revelle’s family faced several failed attempts to find out the culprit. Despite challenges and hardship, they never found out who was behind the disappearance of their daughter. 

Taking all the pain, struggle, and illness, Revelle’s family battled bravely. Sadly, her family never succeded in their mission.

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