Rapper Duvy Arrested And Charged With Murder In Toronto, Case Details


Why was the rapper Duvy arrested and charged with murder in Toronto? To learn more about this topic, continue to read the following article, which also covers the case details of Duvy.

Toronto’s rising star, Duvy, gained significant attention with the release of his debut album, Greenwayz, last year.

However, the musician’s promising career has now come to a halt as he faces serious murder charges.

According to the authorities, on October 6, 2022, authorities responded to a shooting incident at 5 Needle Firway, near Jane Street and Finch Avenue West, at approximately 1:40 p.m.

Tragically, the victim, identified as 28-year-old Osman Bangura, was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Rapper Duvy Arrested And Charged With Murder In Toronto

As reported by some sources, Duvy, whose real name is Tafari Minott, was apprehended on Friday (May 26) in relation to a shooting incident that occurred in the North York area in 2022.

Although Duvy appeared in court on Saturday (May 27), there have been no further updates regarding the ongoing case.

Individuals who possess any information regarding the incident are urged to come forward or contact Crime Stoppers anonymously.

During a period when the rapper was experiencing a surge in popularity, the unfortunate incident took place.

Duvy arrested
Duvy enlists JulezLeo to direct the new “SouthWay” video (Source: HipHopCanada)

The rapper’s tracks include “Shlime Talk,” “Nightmare Z,” and “Clear the Spot,” which were instrumental in expanding his fan base and increasing his visibility.

The release of his debut album, Greenwayz, in March 2022 further propelled him into the spotlight.

In an interview with Complex during that period, he expressed that the album was a tribute to his upbringing, reflecting on his childhood experiences.

Further information about the rapper Duvy arrested details is not made public as of writing and publishing this article.

Duvy case details

Before his arrest, the musician, who is known for his prowess in tracks like “Barcelona,” continued to impress in 2023.

He collaborated with Waveroom and SDawg17shit on the fiery track “Bloody Mary,” released a solo effort called “Ladders,” and even treated fans to the deluxe version of his project, How Did I End Up Here?

The current status of the ongoing murder investigation and the subsequent legal proceedings remain unclear.

However, this unfortunate news undoubtedly disrupts any major plans Duvy may have had for the upcoming summer months.

Toronto rapper Duvy makes official project debut with 13-track Jane Babies (Source: HipHopCanada)

Duvy’s distinctive combination of a laidback flow and raw intensity resonated with listeners in a style that could be attributed to his candid portrayal of street life. This unfiltered perspective might offer some insight into his current situation.

Duvy described his neighborhood, Grassways, as similar to many other neighborhoods, characterized by its dangers and the constant ebb and flow of life.

He cautioned outsiders against venturing there, emphasizing the challenges and transformations one can witness.

As his star was on the rise, reports surfaced suggesting that he had surpassed prominent Toronto artists like Drake, capturing attention from all corners.

There were even rumors that Meek Mill, the renowned rapper, was considering signing him to his label, Dream Chasers.

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