Professor Green Karima McAdams Split Drama: Are They Separated

Professor Green Karima McAdams Split

Professor Green Karima McAdams Split drama has been circulating all over the internet. Fans are concerned about their favorite celebrity couple’s split news and want to know if it is true.

Stephen Paul Manderson is widely known as Professor Green or Pro Green.

He is an English rapper, singer, actor, and mental health advocate from London.

Despite growing up in Clapton’s council estate in east London, he became a successful artist with 3.5 million sales in the UK.

Stephen also co-hosted LipSync Battle UK on Channel 5 and wrote a best-selling autobiography.

He serves as a patron for the suicide prevention charity CALM.

Manderson faced early challenges and underwent surgery on his stomach at just six weeks old.

His mother was young when she had him, and his parents split shortly after his birth.

Raised by his grandmother, great-grandmother, and uncles in a small flat, Professor Green’s home life was described as chaotic. 

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Professor Green Karima McAdams Split Drama

Professor Green Karima McAdams Split news appears to be just a rumor. The couple has ignored the baseless rumors, living their life happily.

Professor Green Karima McAdams Split
Professor Green Karima McAdams’s split rumors have not been confirmed since 2023. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Professor and Karima have been together for many years. They have a strong bond, which is getting stronger every day.

The pair supported each other throughout their career. They have been inseparable for many years.

As Green and McAdams are both from the glamour world, Aka the entertainment world, they are busy with their professional endeavors.

Nevertheless, Green and McAdams never fail to make each other feel special. They made time for each other and grew together as a person.

Despite the baseless rumors of Professor Green Karima McAdam’s split, their Instagram post filled with lovely pictures tells another story.

It is essential to rely on authentic and credible sources. People should avoid making assumptions about their relationship so they would not be hurt.

Who Is Professor Green’s Wife?

Professor Green, a musician, has yet to be married. Nonetheless, he has been engaged to a talented British actress and model, Karima McAdams.

Professor Green Karima McAdams Split
Professor Green and actress Karima McAdams are engaged. (Source: Instagram)

Karima is a well-recognized actress known for various on-screen roles in shows. She has appeared in shows like Soulmates, Fearless, Vkings, and Alien VS Predator.

McAdams grew up in Bethnal Green, London. She gained attention as the model for Lara Croft in the video game series Tomb Raider from 2006 to 2008.

Furthermore, The rapper’s fiance, Karima, was selected for the role when she considered quitting modeling due to a lack of job opportunities.

Loading the Lara Croft role rejuvenated her career, and McAdams attended promotional events and gained conventions during her tenure.

Also, The Star’s soon-to-be wife has starred in the TV series Deep State alongside actors like Joe Dempsie and Walton Goggins.

Professor Green Children: Does he have any kids?

Professor Green, an artist, lives in London with his fiancee, actress Karima McAdams, and their two-year-old son named Slimane.

The couple, who started dating in 2019, announced the birth of their son in March 2021. They got engaged in October 2021.

The two reside in a spacious four-bedroom Victorian house in London, which the famous rapper had bought previously.

Green had previously owned the property during his marriage to Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh from 2013 to 2016.

The couple met through mutual friends and attended Glastonbury in the summer of 2019.

The professor occasionally shares glimpses of his son Slimane on social media, showing their family life together.

Karim McAdams, an actress from Alien VS Predators, has been in a loving relationship with her fiance, Stephen.

They will probably get married soon.

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