Philip Serrell Illness And Health Update 2023: Is He Sick?

Philip Serrell illness

Philip Martyn Serrell is a British auctioneer, antiques specialist, and television presenter. Let’s find out about Philip Serrell illness and health update.

He is a regular host on BBC television shows like Bargain Hunt and Flog It!

He initially worked as a livestock trade auctioneer but made a career shift in 1988 when he became a chartered surveyor, focusing on the assessment of antiques.

Serrell has also taken part in musical charity events, showcasing his singing talent with The Celebs.

Not content with his role as a teacher, Serrell transitioned into the auctioneering profession.

He worked in the local livestock trade until he obtained his chartered surveyor qualification in 1988, specialising in fine art and antiques.

Furthermore, Serrell is the proprietor of an auctioneers and valuers firm, which has offices in Worcester and a salesroom in Great Malvern. This firm was established in 1995.

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Philip Serrell Illness 

In 2013, Philip opened up to the public about his battle with cancer, which has left his fans concerned about his current health status.

In August of that year, he disclosed that he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer, a revelation that came as a shock, even to himself.

This particular cancer had manifested in two different forms in his left testicle, necessitating a surgical procedure to remove it.

What provided Philip with the determination to persevere through the surgery and subsequent tests at the cancer clinic of the Royal Derby Hospital was the heart-warming knowledge that his wife would be by his side during this challenging journey.

Philip Serrell illness
                           Philip Serrell has thousands of followers on his social media handles (Source: Facebook)

Shortly after the operation, Philip and his wife, Rebecca, attended their very first prenatal class, a significant moment that deeply resonated with him.

It was at this moment that he fully grasped the impending arrival of their child, reassuring him that everything was going to turn out just fine.

This newfound sense of hope and impending fatherhood served as a powerful source of motivation for Philip as he confronted the trials and uncertainties associated with his battle against cancer.

Just two days following their initial visit to the hospital, my wife shared some distressing news.

She revealed that she hadn’t felt any movement from their baby that day, and her words were laced with panic as she couldn’t detect a heartbeat.

Sadly, the Serrell couple lost their baby boy, whom they named Thomas “Tommy” William Hanson. Further details about Philip Serrell illness are not known.

Philip Serrell Health Update 2023: Is He Sick?

Currently, Philip, a British auctioneer, antiques specialist, and television presenter, appears to be in good physical condition.

While he maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, with a notable presence on Facebook, he has chosen not to disclose any specific health issues he may be facing.

Nevertheless, his devoted fans continue to send their prayers and well wishes for his continued good health and a long life, particularly considering his previous battle with cancer.

Philip Serrell illness
                                                              Tim and Philip, alongside ‘The Eight.’ (Source: Facebook)

Despite any health challenges he may have faced, Philip remains dedicated to his career as an auctioneer.

One can find him on Facebook under the name “Philip Serrell Auctioneers,” where he has amassed a substantial following with thousands of devoted followers and fans.

This online presence suggests that he is still actively engaged in his work and enjoys a strong and supportive community of supporters.

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