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Peter Wright vet

Following the announcement that the veterinarian will return to television with a brand-new season of Channel 5’s The Yorkshire Vet, “Peter Wright Vet Wikipedia” has recently become a trending topic. Continue reading to learn more about his bio and other information.

A veterinarian, Peter Wright, appears in the popular television program The Yorkshire Vet, where he and Julian Norton carry out their daily duties caring for animals of all sizes at the former clinic of the late, renowned veterinarian James Herriot.

An internationally renowned veterinarian and author by the pen name of James Herriot, Alfred Wight, first collaborated with Wright in 1982 in a practice in Thirsk.

Since 2015, viewers of The Yorkshire Vet have followed the vet and his colleagues’ work. On tonight’s episode in 2021, it was announced that he has left the office but will still appear in the popular Channel 5 documentary.

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Peter Wright Vet Wikipedia And Bio

The TV personality was raised in Thirkleby, North Yorkshire, and is a native Yorkshireman. He enrolled at Liverpool University to study veterinary science, and after graduating in 1982, he joined a veterinary clinic.

In 1996, he relocated to the Skeldale Veterinary Centre, where he worked alongside Alf White and Donald Sinclair, the authors of All Creatures Great and Small and the models for James Herriot and Siegfried Farnon.

Peter prefers working with horses and performing internal medicine on tiny animals but is also frequently seen on farm visits.

He likes to play bridge, garden, participate in tractor rallies, and spend time with his family when he’s not working.

I used to accompany him to the farm, where his grandfather, a farm manager, would make friends with some of the raised animals, especially the cattle.

He adored feeding them and always showed great interest in them. I felt really at home around farms and farmers.

He departed Skeldale House Surgery in 2021 because several aspects of the position were no longer “economically viable.” Since then, the vet has discussed his new position with

Returning to Channel 5, The Yorkshire Vet features renowned surgeon Wright assisting farmers with their cherished animals. The Yorkshire Vet’s new season focuses on the younger generation of surgeons.

Peter Wright Vet Wikipedia
Dr. Peter Wright was an apprentice to Alf Wight – who was better known under his pen name James Herriot, who wrote the books behind All Creatures Great and Small (Source: Daily Mail)

More than 40 years ago, the veterinarian began working at Skeldale House, which was then run by the renowned Alf Wight. His wife, Lin, urged him to seek other opportunities after considering quitting the profession.

He claimed to have left his previous life behind and later reconnected with Julian Norton, an uncommon occurrence in the quick-paced veterinary industry.

The vet claimed he was content with his new position because he didn’t have to concentrate on the “business” despite his hectic schedule.

Peter Wright Vet Net Worth

THE VET OF YORKSHIRE In the Channel 5 series alongside Julian Norton, he dedicates his time to rescuing the lives of animals. The celebrity has amassed an astounding wealth after assisting animals of all sizes in the well-liked TV program since 2017.

Peter Wright
Peter is a senior partner in the practice. He has also published his autobiography (Source: Daily Mail)

The veterinarian has a net worth of more than $1 million, as per the data provided by various online sources.

However, it was noted that he had not made any claims about his wealth. He has lived at Skeldale for more than 40 years and has worked as a veterinarian.

Peter Wright Vet Wife And Age

The veterinarian was born on October 2, 1956, so as of 2024, he is 67.

Peter and his wife, Lin, have been blissfully married for 38 years. In her interview with The Daily Mail about their first date, Lin said, “he drove an ancient Ford Escort that stank like animals.

He stored an animal medicine that smelled terrible and that he tried to cover up with aftershave in the rear, along with his wellies and waterproofs. Then, he took me with him to an abattoir so he could see a post-mortem on a cow.

Peter Wright and his wife
Peter and Lin Wright from Thirst, North Yorkshire, pictured, will appear in a new TV show “The Yorkshire Vet” (Source: Daily Mail)

She added: “We get on so well. We’re a team. We’re always teasing each other, and when he started this TV malarkey I told him, ‘It’s not you, dear, folk want to see, it’s the animals.’ I was a bit harsh. People do like him.” 

The couple has two children: criminologist Emily, 36, and electrician Andrew, 34; they also have a 15-year-old grandson named Archie.

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