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Pete Townshend

English rock musician, multi-instrumentalist, author, and songwriter Pete Townshend’s net worth is a staggering $150 million. 

He is the co-founder, guitarist, and second lead vocalist of “The Who,” one of the most renowned rock bands of the 1960s and 1970s.

In addition to contributing to the sound of this band, he is also the primary songwriter.

He has written more than 100 tunes for the band.

Pete Townshend
Pete Townshend (Source: People)

Pete can also play keyboards, banjo, bass guitar, mandolin, drums, and various other instruments, including the guitar.

It is even more amazing because he isn’t a formally trained musician. He learned everything he knew by himself.

Similarly, he has released numerous solo albums, television theme songs, and radio jingles.

Pete is regarded as one of the finest guitarists of all time. Throughout his career, Townshend has received numerous honors.

He is a well-known author who has written numerous essays, articles, novels, plays, and other projects.

Pete Townshend | Quick Facts

Let’s look at quick facts to understand more about Pete Townshend.

Birth Name Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend
Professional Name Pete Townshend
Nick Name Bijou Drains
Birth Date May 19, 1945
Age 78 Years Old
Birth Place Chiswick, England
Nationality British
Height 1.83 m (6 feet)
Weight 80 kg (176 lbs.)
Religion Christian
Gender Male
Build Athletic
Distinctive Feature Chin Curtain
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark Brown
Profession Singer, songwriter, Recording Artist, Author
Instrument Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Father’s Name Cliff Townshend
Mother’s Name Betty Dennis Townshend
Genres Rock, Art Rock, Hard Rock, Power Pop, Jazz
Horoscope Taurus
Ethnicity White
Sibling 2 (Simon Townshend, Paul Townshend)
High School Acton County Grammar School
College Ealing Art College
  • Track
  • Polydor
  • Atlantic
  • Atco
  • Decca
  • Rykodisc
  • Warner Bros
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Marital Status Married
Spouse Rachel Fuller ​ ​(2016-Present)
Children 3 ( Emma, Aminta & Joseph)
Active Since 1962-Present
Merch Signed Photo, Signed Electric Guitar, Signed Acoustic Guitar
Social Media FacebookTwitterInstagram
Last Update April 2024

Pete Townshend | Net Worth and Income

Multi-talented musician, author, and instrumentalist Pete Townshend’s net worth is a whopping $150 million.

He amassed enormous wealth through a lucrative music and writing career, including music sales, tours, and sponsorships.

In 1965, his band earned $100,000 from the sale of the album “My Generation.”

Similarly, in 1969, the estimated earnings from the album “Tommy” sale was $2,275,000.

About 2,500 copies were issued from the 1970 album “Happy Birthday,” which made the band around $2,500,000.

The same year, they earned $2,100,000 from the release of “Live the Album.”

Likewise, in 1971, the album “Who’s Next” gained around $3,570,000. “Who Are You,” a 1978 album earned $2.2 million from sales.

The revenues from the 1983 compilation album “Who’s Greatest Hits” were estimated to be $2 million; meanwhile, the 1988 “Who’s Better, Who’s Best” was $2.2 million.

The band earned $3,135,000 in 2005 from the sale of the concert CD “Tommy and Quadrophenia.”

Not to mention his successful and growing solo career. Pete has made a fortune with his solo songs and albums.

In addition, “The Who” has over 7.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify on top of his own 1.1 million listeners on his solo profile.

Hence, Pete is bound to earn a fortune from millions of streams.

Furthermore, Townshend has written several novels, plays, and literary works in his career. 

Pete Townshend’s Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s look into Pete Townshend’s net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 142,012,500
Pound Sterling £ 120,110,505
Australian Dollar A$ 213,177,600
Canadian Dollar C$ 192,592,500
Indian Rupee ₹ 11,672,790,000
Bitcoin ฿ 5119.43

Pete Townshend | Houses & Cars 


As of April 2024, Pete Townshend’s net worth is a massive $150 million. 

Pete bought “The Wick,” a prominent Georgian property in Richmond, Greater London, in 1996.

The mansion, designed in 1775, has a legacy of being held by notable painters.

Pete spent $5 million on the villa next door in 2016. However, he listed “The Wick” for $20 million in June 2021.

Pete House (Source: Pinterest)
Pete House (Source: Pinterest)

Similarly, he also owns a home in Churt, Surrey, and in 2010 leased a portion of the National Trust’s Ashdown House in Oxfordshire.

Furthermore, his assets were valued at roughly $40 million in 2009, per the Sunday Times Rich List.


Townshend has a huge collection of luxurious and classic cars in his garage. He loves buying new ones and expanding his collection.

Pete, like many other celebrities, is a passionate Ferrari fan. His collection has a 1972 Ferrari 365 Daytona Spider and a 2001 Ferrari 550 Barchetta.

He bought a Volkswagen Transporter in 1965. However, in 2008, he switched it in for a modern VW Transporter because it was quicker and more enjoyable to drive.

Pete Townshend
Pete Townshend Mercedes Pullman (Source: British GQ)

In 2009, he purchased a Vespa scooter.

Pete also owned a Mercedes S600 Pullman from 1965, which was formerly the most expensive car globally.

Townshend finally landed on a car better suited to his gentleman status, a grey 2016 Bentley Mulsanne Speed.

Pete Townshend | Lifestyle and Vacations


Multi-talented musical artist and author Pete Townshend live a luxurious lifestyle with a net worth of $150 million.

Born into a family of musicians, Townshend began playing instruments at a young age under the direction of his parents.

Sadly, both of his parents drank severely and fought frequently, and his mother had extramarital affairs.

His parents divorced when Pete was just a child, and he was sent to live with his grandmother.

Even though it may appear that Pete’s situation could not get any worse, his grandma turns out to be mentally disturbed.

However, things improved when his parents reconciled and bought a home. Townshend was then sent to his parents’ house.

He then formed a casual band with some school pals.

Pete’s creative path was influenced further by rock & roll, and by the 1960s, he had left out of art school to chase a full-time music career.

Townshend wedded his first wife, Karen Astley, whom he encountered at art school in 1968.

After marrying, the couple moved in together and had three children. Their divorce was finalized in 2009 despite splitting in 1994.

Pete With His Wife (Source: The Mirror)
Pete With His Wife (Source: The Mirror)

Pete established a strong partnership with musician Rachel Fuller after his divorce. They tied the knot in 2016.

Furthermore, Keith Moon and John Entwistle, the two members of the band, have already passed away.

Despite this, “The Who” keeps making songs and touring. The group is still considered one of the top live bands.

Pete is the group’s major songwriter and is regarded as a pioneer in the music industry.

Many rock and roll artists credit him with just being the first to use reviews in rock guitar.


Pete enjoys traveling and discovering new locations. As a successful musical performer, he has been to various nations for world musical tours.

Townshend enjoys spending time with his family and friends when he is not working.

In actuality, he frequently embarks on a journey in his spare time.

Although, the details about his journey are kept secret.

Pete Townshend | Charity

Pete has woven a lengthy history of participation with many organizations and other humanitarian activities throughout his career.

His first solo performance was a 1974 charity concert to aid the Camden Square Community Play Centre.

Similarly, he provided the initial money for the non-profit hearing awareness organization “H.E.A.R.” in 1989.

Pete was the first prominent rock musician to offer his services to Amnesty International, and he influenced many other musicians to do the same.

He advocates for addiction rehabilitation and supports various children’s charities.

Pete performed two charity gigs at London’s Brixton Academy in February 1985.

The proceeds from the sold-out gigs went to the “Double O” charity founded in the 1970s.

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Pete Townshend | Movies, Books, Investments, and Endorsements


Aside from music, Townshend has starred in a few movies and television series.

Pete has been featured on television shows such as “The Who Sell Out” (2021), “The Who World Tour” (2006), and “Ready, Steady, Go!” (1965).

Similarly, he has appeared in movies like “White City” (1985) and “Tommy” (1975).

Moreover, Pete’s music has been used in several popular shows and films.

“The Adam Project” (2022), “CSI: Vegas” (2021), “War Dogs” (2016), and “The Blacklist” (2015) are among those that have used his music.


Townshend has authored numerous literary works throughout his career, including three long-form articles for “Rolling Stone” magazine.

Pete has worked as an editor on various books throughout his career, including Eric Burdon’s biography and Prince Charles’ recorded speeches.

Pete Townshend Book
Pete Townshend Book (Source: Pete Townshend)

In 1985, Pete released his first novel, “Horse’s Neck.” The short story collection addressed sexuality, celebrity, and spirituality issues.

Likewise, he has also authored scripts for short films, novels, and his autobiography, “Who I Am,” was a top-five “New York Times” bestseller.


As of April 2024, Pete Townshend’s net worth is a massive $150 million. 

Over the last two decades, The Who’s music has been used to promote sports cars and allergy medication. But that was just the start.

On January 24th, 2012, Pete stated that he was releasing all of the distribution rights to his large selection of music to the “Spirit Music Group.”

Publishing rights, which pay the songwriter royalties every time a song is played, performed, or otherwise licensed, are becoming an increasingly crucial cash stream in the struggling music industry.

According to industry insiders, the price was tens of millions of dollars, maybe exceeding $100 million.

Similarly, Pete created “Eel Pie Publishing,” a children’s book publishing company, in 1977. He also launched his bookstore during this time.


Townshend has endorsed a few brands and companies in his career.

He has appeared in a 1967 Air Force recruitment advertisement.

Pete entered the Young Communist League in 1961 while still in art school and played a key role in their 1966 “Trend” initiative.

Moreover, he was featured on a list of the top private donors to the UK Labour Party in 1998.

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Pete Townshend | Career

Pete joined a band named “the Detours” in the early 1960s. He eventually rose to the position of lead guitarist.

When the band discovered that another group had the same name, they changed their name to “The Who.”

The band changed their name to “High Numbers” and ultimately returned to “The Who.”

“I Can’t Explain,” the band’s first hit, was released in 1965.

They then released “My Generation,” which was well-received by youth.

The Who
The Who (Source: Louder)

Following the popularity of “My Generation,” the band toured the United States.

They published the album “The Who Sell Out” in 1967, including the hit “I Can See for Miles.”

He then made significant contributions to the record “Tommy,” a rock opera inspired by Meher Baba’s teachings.

More popular albums followed, including the more conventional “Who’s Next” and “Quadrophenia,” although the latter performed exceptionally well in the USA.

Some Interesting Facts About Pete Townshend

  • Pete got well-known for smashing his guitars on stage and performing a windmill movement while performing his instrument.
  • The entire band began experimenting with LSD during their early touring era.
  • The Guinness Book of Records named one of their concerts the “Loudest Concert Ever,” with the loudness level measured at 126 dB 32 meters from the stage.


What was Pete Townshend’s interest besides music?

His early interests outside of music included reading and wandering by the beach. Despite his desire to be a writer, Pete acquired a guitar for Christmas as a kid and began teaching himself how to play.

What is Pete Townshend’s disease?

He has partial deafness and tinnitus, which are thought to result from sound hearing loss caused by his prolonged exposure to loud music.

What is Pete Townshend’s sexuality?

In his autobiography “Who I Am,” he has revealed that he is “likely bisexual.” Similarly, he has expressed that he was once sexually attracted to Mick Jagger, the lead singer of the Rolling Stones.

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