Pastor Jerome Fernando Arrested And Mugshot: Arrest Charges Trial

Pastor Jerome Fernando Arrested

Are Pastor Jerome Fernando Arrested rumors true? Where is he now? Find out more about his recent controversy and his whereabouts.

Dynamic pastor and prophet Jerome Fernando is well-known for his influential theological education responsibilities, potent preaching, and national effect.

He was a successful businessman and athlete before entering the ministry full-time.

Chancellor of Osborne University of Theology, UK, appointed by Prophet Uebert Angel, Pastor Jerome Fernando graduated from Asian Access School of Theology.

In addition to his activities as a minister, he also holds the positions of associate minister at Charis Bible College in the USA and guest professor at the London School of Theology.

His international speaking engagements and broadcast appearances demonstrate his global reach. Mikkela and Heavenya, Pastor Jerome’s two children, are born into a happy marriage to Pastor Melanie Fernando.

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Pastor Jerome Fernando Arrested And Mugshot

As of December 1, the police reported that Pastor Jerome Fernando has been placed under custody by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

The preacher was arrested after making an appearance at the CID for the second day in a row to provide a statement about statements he made that caused a great deal of uproar around the nation.

The so-called ‘prophet’ first appeared at the CID on November 30, where he spent around eight hours making a statement about his controversial remarks against different religions.

Pastor Jerome Fernando Arrested
Pastor Jerome Fernando faced legal consequences when accusations related to his statements ignited public outrage (Image Source:

Pastor Fernando faced issues after a viral video of his sermon sparked accusations of insulting remarks about religious figures, including Lord Buddha

The preacher fled to Singapore on May 14 and returned to Sri Lanka on November 29, two days before he was placed under travel prohibition by the Colombo Fort Magistrate’s Court.

As directed by the court, the CID’s Cyber Crime Investigation Division is currently in the process of getting a statement from him within 48 hours of his return.

Pastor Fernando was detained today after following the instruction to provide a statement, even though a Court of Appeal ruling on November 17 barred the CID from detaining him upon his arrival.

The preacher had apologized several times after his divisive remarks generated a great deal of unhappiness among Buddhists.

Authorities are investigating accusations against Pastor Jerome Fernando, keeping the legal drama ongoing with court orders and travel restrictions.

Pastor Jerome Fernando Arrested Charges

After being taken into custody by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Pastor Jerome Fernando was charged with making disparaging remarks against Lord Buddha, Islam, and Hinduism.

A video of one of his sermons went viral on social media, sparking intense debate and indignation, leading to the arrest.

According to the accusations, the pastor insulted and incited revered religious people in May in front of a crowded audience, specifically mentioning the Buddhist community.

Pastor Jerome Fernando Arrested
The trial ahead will determine the legal consequences and potential punishment for Pastor Jerome Fernando following his arrest. (Image Source: Facebook)

After his return on November 29, the Court of Appeal’s court decision for him to make a statement within 48 hours of his arrival prevented the CID from making an instant arrest.

The charges underscore the seriousness of the allegations and the requirement for a comprehensive investigation, formalizing the legal action against the controversial pastor.

Buddhism adherents around the nation were outraged by video footage of Pastor Jerome Fernando’s divisive comments.

The preacher has apologized several times for his remarks, but the legal action against him has not stopped.

The CID will investigate the claimed insulting remarks as the case develops, and the judicial system will decide the best course of action in light of the accusations made against Pastor Fernando.

Pastor Jerome Fernando Arrested Trial Case

The main focus of Pastor Jerome Fernando’s trial is going to be his alleged disparaging remarks regarding Islam, Hinduism, and Lord Buddha.

The allegations, which are related to a contentious sermon that caused a great deal of public controversy, highlight how serious the claims are.

The court will carefully review the material as the case progresses, keeping in mind the fine line that must be drawn between protecting free expression and not offending religious sensitivities.

It is anticipated that the legal proceedings concerning Pastor Fernando will explore the complex relationship between religious sensibilities and freedom of expression.

The prosecution will probably highlight the possible harm that the pastor’s comments may create, while the defense might make the case for the protection of free speech.

The court’s ruling will have a significant impact on how these instances are interpreted legally and how to draw the line between social cohesion and individual liberties.

If Pastor Jerome Fernando is found guilty, the gravity of the charges will determine whether he faces jail time or fines.

When deciding on a suitable sentence, the court may consider the pastor’s prior apologies as well as any attempts to lessen the impact of his remarks.

Pastor Jerome Fernando’s trial is crucial for shaping legal boundaries between free speech and religious sensitivities nationally.

Despite facing charges and a travel restriction imposed by the Sri Lankan government in May, Pastor Fernando left the country before the ban took effect.

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