Paolo Gumabao Parents: Father Dennis Roldan And Mother Sorreta

Paolo Gumabao Parents

Who are Paolo Gumabao Parents? The actor was born in Taiwan to his father, Dennis Roldan, and mother, Sorreta.

Paolo Gumabao is a well-known actor, fitness influencer, and model in the United States. He became famous for his roles in movies like Haunted Mansion and Magpakailanman.

Currently, Paolo is working on a new movie called Lockdown. He is recognised for his good looks, cute smile, stylish fashion sense, and fantastic personality.

Gumabao gained fame for his excellent acting skills. On instagram, where he has a verified account, he has a large fan following.

Moreover, Paolo has become one of Instagram’s most talked about personalities. He uses his instagram to share insights into his life and his interests.

Gumabao is a multifaceted individual known for creating talent, fitness influence and modelling work. His presence on Instagram allows fans to connect with various aspects of his life.

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Meet Paolo Gumabao Parents

Paolo Gumabao parents are former actor Dennis Roldan and Sheryl Sorreta. His birthdate is July 25, 1998, in Tawan, and he goes by his real name, Paul Chen.

Paolo Gumabao Parents
Paolo Gumabao’s mom has been a great source of love and motivation in his life. (Source: YouTube)

The actor spent his early years in Taiwan, unaware during his childhood that Mr Chen, a Taiwanese man, was not his biological father.

Despite the revelation, The fitness enthusiast has always expressed gratitude and deep appreciation for how his stepfather treated him as his son.

In a heartwarming turn of events, Mr Paolo was legally adopted by his Taiwanese stepfather when he was just a baby.

Paolo’s acknowledgement of the genuine love he received from his stepdad, especially after learning he was not his biological son, makes his family story even more touching.

The strong bond and love within the family have been a source of inspiration for Gumabao. It has shaped his outlook on life and the peopel around him.

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Meet Paolo Gumabao Biological Fathe Dennis Roldan

The Taiwanese actor’s biological father is Dennis Roldan. His father was born on December 8, 1956, in Manila, Philippines, and led a diverse life marked by achievement.

Paolo Gumabao parents
Paolo Gumabao found out about his biological dad when he was 14. (Source: Pep. Ph)

Mr. Roldan excelled in basketball, film, and politics. Before his acting career, he showed his skills on the basketball court playing for Trinity College.

Transitioning to film, Paolo’s father earned recognition, winning a Best Supporting Actor Award in 1983. 

Additionally, in politics, Mr Dennis served as a Quezon City councillor. Later, he worked as a Congressman.

Roldan’s life took a turn when, in 2014, he was convicted of kidnapping. He is currently serving a life sentence without parole at New Bilibid Prison.

Despite the challenges, Gumabao’s biological dad found peace in his faith. He became a Christian and served as a Pastor in Quezon City.

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Who Is Paolo Gumabao Mother?

Sheryl Sorreta is a Filipina woman and a mother who plays a significant role in the Model’s life. She married Pao Chen and created a loving family environment for her son, Paolo.

Mrs Sheryl revealed about the fashionist’s biological father when he was 14. Despite the revelation, he expressed no anger as he felt loved by his stepfather.

When Paolo decided to reconnect with his dad, Dennis, at 15, his mom was informed. The relationship between him and his stepdad remained strong throughout the years.

On top of that, his stepdad expressed happiness for the Taiwanese star’s connection with his biological father.

Paolo’s mom’s role reflects a foundation built on love and understanding. Before their reunion, she did not share negative stories about Dennis with her son.

Furthermore, Mr Poalo appreciates Sheryl’s support and care throughout his journey.  She remains a source of love and encouragement in his life.

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