Pam Bales Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is She? Pam Bales Story

Pam Bales Wikipedia

Pam Bales, a celebrated American hiker and rescue worker, has captivated netizens with her courageous feats. Explore her inspiring journey thoroughly on her dedicated Wikipedia page.

Pam Bales is renowned for conquering some of the most dangerous mountain trails in the country.

Her most notable achievement includes summiting the notoriously treacherous Mount Washington, the highest peak in the northeastern United States.

Through her years of daring climbs and wilderness experience, Bales has developed invaluable skills that allowed her to save numerous lives when coming across imperiled hikers.

Her incredible story of perseverance and compassion inspired the 2022 film “Infinite Storm,” dramatizing her resilient rescue of a suicidal man stranded on frozen Mount Washington in 2010.

Over decades of daring adventures, Bales has become an icon of courage and selflessness within hiking circles.

Pam Bales Wikipedia

Pam Bales is best known for the 2022 film Infinite Storm, which dramatizes her daring October 2010 rescue of a suicidal man.

Though Bales does not have her own Wikipedia page, the article on Infinite Storm outlines her backstory as presented in the movie.

Pam Bales Wikipedia
An Experienced Hiker Makes An Unexpected Rescue On A Stormy. (Source: Readers Digest)

It describes Bales as having developed extensive hiking and climbing experience in the White Mountains’ challenging terrain over many years.

She obtained medical training to join the local Pemigewasset Valley Search and Rescue team, allowing her to combine her love of the outdoors with helping people endangered in the wilderness.

The Wikipedia article underscores Bales’ real-life heroism, guiding “John” down the treacherous Jewell Trail in a severe storm.

As depicted in Infinite Storm, her actions exemplify exceptional endurance, bravery, and lifesaving instincts in the most adverse conditions.

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Pam Bales Age: How Old Is She?

Pam Bales was born in 1952; as of 2024, she is 72 years old.

She was an experienced hiker and mountain guide in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

In 2010, when she was 58, Bales set out on a solo hike on the Jewell Trail, a route she had hiked countless times before.

Though the weather was fair when she began, it took an unexpected turn, with temperatures rapidly dropping and winds picking up to 140 kph.

As Bales turned to head back, she came across an unresponsive man outside the Great Gulf.

She applied heat pads and lent him spare clothes she had wisely packed, dubbing him “John” since she did not know his name.

Bales’ experience and preparedness that day at 58 likely saved John’s life.

With her hardy spirit and a lifetime of hiking those mountains, she could likely still be found on the trails, enjoying the beauty of the White Mountains in her later years.

Her age has not seemed to slow her adventurous spirit.

Pam Bales Story 

In 2018, Pam Bales, an experienced hiker, got caught in a blizzard while descending Mount Washington in New Hampshire.

Despite the dangerous conditions, she persevered and located Kate Matrosova, another hiker who was lost and suffering from hypothermia.

Pam Bales Wikipedia
Naomi Watts joined the Manhattan premiere of “Infinite Storm” alongside Pam Bales. (source: dailymail)

Bales gave up her warm clothing and helped Matrosova down the mountain.

This courageous rescue operation took several hours in freezing temperatures.

Though Matrosova tragically passed away, Bales’ brave actions were widely praised. She went on to work for Housing Works, a nonprofit serving people experiencing homelessness.

Bales’ selfless spirit shines through her love of hiking and desire to help others in need.

Though she eschews fame, her quiet strength sets an example of compassion.

Rather than accolades, making a positive impact guides her path.

Bales inspires us that ordinary people can achieve the extraordinary through resilience, generosity, and a commitment to service.

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