Obituary: Norma Hunt Death Cause Wikipedia Bio Age And Net Worth

Norma Hunt

If you are wondering about Norma Hunt death cause, you are in the right place, as this article will clarify to viewers Norma’s wikipedia bio, age, and net worth as well.

The Kansas City Chiefs have shared the news of the death of Norma Hunt, who was the mother of Clark Hunt, the current president and CEO of the NFL team, and the wife of Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt.

Norma Hunt, also known as the First Lady of Football, passed away unexpectedly, and this news has saddened everyone.

The Chiefs’ ownership, the Hunt family, shared the news of the Chiefs’ matriarch’s death through a statement released by the team on Sunday night.

Norma, who has the distinction of attending every Super Bowl, was present for the Chiefs’ victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on February 12 in Glendale, Arizona.

Lamar Hunt, who co-founded the AFL and played a crucial role in its merger with the NFL in 1970, passed away in 2006.

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Obituary: Norma Hunt Death Cause

The netizens wonder about Norma Hunt death, so read the following article to find out more about Norma.

The exact reason behind Norma’s sudden passing remains unknown, as her family has kept that information from the media.

As soon as other factual information becomes available, we will include those details in this very article. So look out!

Norma Hunt death
Norma Hunt, wife of late Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt and mother of CEO Clark Hunt, dies at 85 (Source: CBS Sports)

Following the announcement of Hunt’s passing in an Instagram post, numerous individuals, including former Chief players, expressed their condolences in the comment section.

Gracia Hunt, Norma’s granddaughter, was among the commenters. She shared heartfelt words, stating that Norma held a special place in their hearts and emphasizing her significant role as the First Lady of Football.

Gracie Hunt expressed gratitude to God for Norma Hunt’s life and the legacy she leaves behind.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes also took to Twitter to mourn Norma’s death shortly after the news was made public.

Norma Hunt wikipedia bio and age 

The First Lady of Football was born in 1938, as of 2024, 86 years old.

Lamar Hunt and Norma Lynn Knobel tied the knot in 1964. Norma was a schoolteacher and also served as a hostess for the Dallas Texans.

Together, they had two sons named Clark and Daniel Hunt. Norma has the remarkable achievement of attending every Super Bowl between 1967 and 2023, making her one of the very few individuals to accomplish this.

Norma Hunt
Norma Hunt, widow of Chiefs founder Lamar and only woman to attend every Super Bowl, dies at 85 (Source: Yahoo Sports)

Sadly, the First Lady of Football, Norma Hunt, passed away in June 2023, a few months after attending Super Bowl LVII.

There are limited details about Hunt’s educational background and her parents and siblings, as she has not revealed many details about them.

Clark Hunt assumes the role of chairman of the franchise and has emerged as a prominent figure in NFL ownership, wielding significant influence and authority.

Norma Hunt’s net worth

According to sources, Norma Hunt’s net worth is estimated at $1 million to $5 million, approximately.

Described as kind, generous, and perpetually positive, Norma Hunt was a truly unique individual.

Her vibrant enthusiasm and love for life were contagious, leaving a lasting impact on those around her.

Known for her caring nature, she derived joy from taking care of others and consistently offered words of encouragement.

Norma Hunt
Norma Hunt Reflects on 50 years of Super Bowls (Source: YouTube)

Hunt was a steadfast friend, an exceptional hostess, and possessed a rare talent for making everyone she encountered feel valued and comfortable.

Her role as “The First Lady of Football” was well-deserved, as she remained a constant presence in the sport for many decades.

In fact, she played a pivotal role in naming the Super Bowl itself. It was her husband, Lamar Hunt, who wrote a letter to then-NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle, playfully referring to it as the “Super Bowl”, a name derived from a Super Ball toy she had bought for their children.

The name resonated with Lamar Hunt and eventually became the official title for the championship game, thanks to Norma’s unintentional inspiration.

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