Obituary: Makayla Brewster Death Cause Parents And Brother Revealed

Makayla Brewster

She possessed a remarkable ability to excel in every effort she pursued, particularly in her passions for gymnastics and volleyball.

Her peers adored her quick humor and intelligence, cherishing her joyful and lively spirit. Her artistic talents were showcased numerous times at the prestigious annual art show held at NSU, a testament to her creativity and dedication.

The loss of Makayla’s life is a deeply personal tragedy for her family and resonates through the community, impacting all who knew her.

Each suicide has a huge impact beyond the person who did it. It can affect whole families, towns, and even countries.

Makayla’s death will leave a huge gap, and those who knew her will always cherish her memory.

The terrible effects of suicide are a sad reminder of how much our society needs mental health help, understanding, and programs to stop suicide.

Obituary: Makayla Brewster Death Cause 

On February 11, 2021, the young girl Makayla, 12 years old from Oklahoma in the United States, passed suddenly.

She was born on February 16, 2008, and she killed herself five days before her 13th birthday, which she was excited about.

Sadly, her mother, Angela Brewster, revealed that her daughter had been a victim of bullying, which ultimately contributed to this devastating outcome. 

Makayla Brewster Death
Makayla Brewster death cause was suicide. (Source: Facebook)

Her mother says that Makayla’s pain, loneliness, and sadness got to be too much for her, and she killed herself.

Bullying has a big effect and has been found to be a big risk factor for suicide.

Individuals who have experienced violence, including child abuse, bullying, or sexual harassment, are more susceptible to suicidal thoughts and actions.

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Makayla Brewster Parents 

Makayla Brewster, the daughter of Angela Brewster and Anthony William, was born into a large and loving family. With five sets of grandparents, numerous cousins, relatives, and friends, she was surrounded by a strong support system.

Sadly, Three months before she died, she had lost her grandma.

Angela Brewster fondly remembers her daughter as an energetic young girl passionate about skateboarding, volleyball, and TikTok. But Makayla’s life was ruined by the pain of being bullied, which led to a terrible accident that took her away from her family.

Makayla Brewster
Makayla with her parents and sisters (Source: Facebook)

In the wake of this devastating loss, Angela is determined to make a difference. She aims to support other families facing similar struggles and raise awareness about the urgent issue of teen suicide.

Angela reveals a startling statistic: since October 2020, six teenagers from Broken Arrow, including a freshman at BA’s freshman academy, have taken their own lives.

To prevent further tragedies, the school has taken action by sending a letter to families, urging them to be alert. Angela encourages parents to actively engage with their children’s online activities, particularly on platforms like TikTok.

By monitoring what they like and post, asking difficult questions, and being aware of signs of anxiety, which can often lead to depression, families can potentially identify and address emotional struggles before it’s too late.

Makayla Brewster Brother Revealed

Makayla cherished her strong bond with her two sisters, Brianna and Presley Brewster. As the oldest cousin and big sister, she took pride in her role within the family.

One of her favorite activities was engaging in playful slime sessions with her sisters. She also dedicated her time to assisting Brianna in perfecting her backflip skills.

Brianna and Presley Brewster
Brianna and Presley Brewster miss their old sister Makayla (Source: Facebook)

Beyond her family circle, Makayla found solace and community at the Broken Arrow Nazarene Church, where she was an active member.

After her death, her family created a Facebook page called “Justice for Makayla.” Through this platform, they advocate for the importance of open and honest conversations about kindness between parents and their children.

They strongly emphasize that no parent should ever experience the heart-wrenching loss of their child, urging society to prioritize teaching empathy and compassion to young minds.

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