Obituary: Dj Ernesto Philadelphia Death News Age Wikipedia And Net Worth 2023

DJ Ernesto

Dj Ernesto Philadelphia Death news has shocked the music community. The well-known DJ died on May 14, 2023. He was 43 years old.

DJ Ernesto is from Philadelphia. He started making music young, which fueled his love for catchy beats and tunes.

His fantastic ability quickly caught the attention of music fans, leading him to perform at more significant events and, eventually, get known worldwide.

Throughout his career, DJ Ernesto established himself as a renowned figure in the music industry.

But on May 14, 2023, the world was filled with deep sadness as the music world mourned the loss of a growing star and an extraordinary person.

DJ Ernesto’s untimely departure left a void in the hearts of those who admired his talent and revered his genuine spirit.

Aside from being a great musician, he was known for his friendliness and high energy, which left a lasting impression on everyone who met him.

Obituary: Dj Ernesto Philadelphia Death News

Ernesto was a well-known DJ whose name was known throughout the music industry. He passed away on May 14, 2023.

His sister, Teresa Di Siro, initially shared the news of his passing, quickly spreading like wildfire across various social media platforms.

Expressing her immense grief, Teresa took to Facebook to inform the world about her family’s devastating loss. In a heartfelt post, she wrote, “It is with heavy hearts that my family and I mourn the loss of my beloved older brother, Ernie ‘DJ Ernesto’ Di Siro. He was an individual who touched the lives of many, and his absence will be deeply felt, particularly by his cherished daughter, Audrey.”

 Dj Ernesto Philadelphia Death
Dj Ernesto Philadelphia Death news was shared by his sister on Facebook. (Source: GoFundMe)

During this challenging time, the support and grief from friends, fans, and well-wishers has been overwhelming.

Teresa decided to shut down Ernie’s social media accounts so that his family wouldn’t have to see how sad they were.

This step was taken after getting many messages, posts on social media, and calls from worried fans.

While the exact cause of DJ Ernesto’s untimely demise remains unknown, fans and admirers anxiously await further information surrounding the circumstances that led to his tragic passing.

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Dj Ernesto Age Wikipedia 

The famous DJ was born Ernie “DJ Ernesto” Di Siro Jr. in 1980. He lived an entire life until he died too soon at 43.

Ernie was known for having a personality bigger than life and a huge heart. He left a lasting mark on the hearts of everyone he met.

DJ Ernesto
Dj Ernesto Philadelphia Death: He passed away at the age of 43 (Source: Twitter)

Aside from his passion for music, Ernie cherished his role as a Father to his beloved teenage daughter, Audrey. Their bond was unbreakable, and Ernie dedicated himself to ensuring her happiness and success.

Dj Ernesto’s friends liked him because of his unique personality and sense of humor, which he never tried to hide. His friends said that he was someone who liked to laugh and have fun.

Dj Ernesto Net Worth 2023

Dj Ernesto’s net worth remains unknown, but his career as a professional DJ has undoubtedly brought him substantial wealth.

He has earned a significant amount through his live concerts and the release of his tracks on popular platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify.

In the wake of his passing, Ernesto’s family has established a GoFundMe Campaign in his memory. The Campaign aims to raise $5,000, with $3,275 already donated by individuals touched by Ernie’s life and music.

DJ Ernesto
Ernesto was a talented professional DJ (Source: Facebook)

The funds collected through the Campaign will be allocated to Audrey’s education, ensuring she has the necessary resources to pursue her dreams and aspirations. By contributing to this cause, supporters can honor Ernie’s legacy by impacting his daughter’s future.

Every dollar raised brings Audrey one step closer to accessing educational opportunities that will shape her life and help her carry on her Father’s legacy of love, passion, and dedication.

Ernie’s family, deeply grateful for the outpouring of support, expresses their heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has contributed to the Campaign.

Together, they seek to ensure that Audrey’s education becomes a testament to the remarkable man that DJ Ernesto was and the love he had for his daughter.

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