Obituary: Dana Hersl Accident Details And Cause Of Death, Age And Family Details

Dana Hersl

Dana Hersl: accident or natural cause? Find out what caused the deaths of the beloved women whose loss has caused so much grief in the community.

Dana Hersl was a great woman who worked as a volunteer at the BARCS Animal Shelter’s Veterinary Services Department. 

She was recognized for dedicating her entire life to improving the lives of animals and ensuring that they always had something to look forward to.

Hersl had a reputation for being continuously kind and caring toward others, and she was recognized for her warm and friendly smile when she welcomed guests.

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Obituary: Dana Hersl Accident Details And Cause Of Death

Dana’s unexpected death has left a trail of sadness among her family, friends, and well-wishers. Many have been wondering about the circumstances behind her unfortunate death.

She died on March 1, 2023, under unknown circumstances. Early in the morning, she was discovered unresponsive in her own home and was transported to the hospital. Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead by the hospital’s medics.

The official reason for the BARCS employee’s death has yet to be revealed. The circumstances surrounding her death are still under investigation. Thus, we’ll have to wait till her family or authorities speak about her death. 

Dana Hersl
Dana Hersl will be remembered as a kind and lively soul. (Source: Facebook )

The volunteer worker had an underlying Lyme illness for a long time, which was just recently discovered. Even though she was in constant discomfort as a consequence of the condition, she always had a smile on her face and addressed her issues with utter courage.

The animal shelter worker’s untimely death could have been influenced by the illness. Even though Lyme disease rarely poses a life-threatening threat, delaying treatment may cause the condition to worsen. Also, her diagnosis was made relatively late, according to sources.

But, we won’t be able to determine the precise reason for her death until the statements are made public.

Dana Hersl Age-Revealed

Mrs. Hersl passed away when she was 46 years old. Her close friend Michael Kent Williams was the one who broke the news of her unfortunate death to everyone.

One of her loved ones wrote a post in honor of her peaceful demise.

“Embrace your loved ones extra tight as you pay respects to her. We will always miss you, Dana. I appreciate how much you cared about our family, how happy you made my brother, and how much you loved Cooper. God far too quickly stole a nice one. Fly high, lovely spirit, Hersl Dana.”

Dana Hersl
Dana Hersl having fun at the party ( Source: Facebook )

Her unexpected death left her loved ones in mourning. At such an early age, her life was taken.

In memory of the BARCS’ late employee passing, a celebration of life will be held on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at The Chasseur, 3328 Foster Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21224. Rather than flowers, BARCS will accept donations.

Dana Hersl Family Details

The animal shelter employee was a wife and a mother to two children, who were dear to her heart. She gave her children her undivided attention and unconditional love, putting their needs before her own.

Baltimore, Maryland, is where Hersl was born and has lived her entire life. Her primary schooling was done at Towson University. She also received her higher education at Notre Dame University.

The veterinary worker was a successful businesswoman in addition to her charitable activities and parenting. She was the owner and operator of a local cleaning business, and she was well known for her dedication and hard work.

Numerous people have come out to pay respect to her tragic death on social media.

Dana Hersl
The sudden death of Dana Hersl has had a significant impact on her family and friends. ( Source: Facebook )

A friend of hers wrote, “Dana was the kindest person I’ve ever met. She was always there for me when I needed her, and I will never forget her.”

Katie Drayer mentioned, “We will always miss you, Dana. We appreciate your love for our family and your efforts to make my brother and Cooper happy. God removed a good person far too soon.”

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