Normand Léveillé Accident: Brain Damage Injury And Health 2023

Normand Léveillé accident

Normand Léveillé Accident: Leveille experienced a brain aneurysm in the locker room while the first intermission of a game against the Canucks in Vancouver was taking place.

Norm Léveillé was a former Canadian professional ice hockey left winger born in 1963.

He played briefly in the National Hockey League with the Boston Bruins before his career ended prematurely at the age of 19.

During a game at the Pacific Coliseum, Léveillé suffered a devastating brain aneurysm that left him unable to walk.

After recovering, he dedicated himself to therapy for others with disabling conditions. Léveillé founded and presides over the Centre Normand-Léveillé, a therapy centre in Drummondville, Quebec.

His inspirational story of recovering from his career-ending injury is chronicled in the 2005 book “Un arrêt en plein vol” by Thérèse Desjardins.

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Normand Léveillé Accident

Normand is a well-respected sportsman, although his sports career ended decades ago. He was a rising athlete who had to give up on his sports career due to his health problems.

On October 23, 1982, during the first intermission of a game in Vancouver against the Canucks in his second NHL season playing for the Boston Bruins, Léveillé started feeling unwell, complaining of dizziness, shoulder pain, and losing consciousness.

He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with a brain aneurysm. To try and save his life, emergency surgery was done.

Normand Léveillé accident
  Ray Bourque and Normand Leveille participated in the ceremonial puck drop for the Bruins’ most recent Centennial Eras Night (Source:

After the operation, Léveillé spent three weeks in a coma and three more weeks hospitalised before he regained enough function to walk again.

However, at just 19 years old, the promising hockey career of this talented player was tragically cut short.

Doctors later confirmed that Léveillé had an underlying congenital condition that caused the aneurysm, unrelated to any specific on-ice incident.

Normand Léveillé: Brain Damage Injury 

Normand was a promising young Canadian professional ice hockey player whose career was tragically cut short by a brain aneurysm at the age of 19.

A brain aneurysm occurs when a weak spot on an artery in the brain bulges outward and fills with blood, forming a balloon-like sac.

Also, this bulging aneurysm puts pressure on surrounding nerves and brain tissue and can even rupture completely, causing dangerous bleeding into the brain.

Moreover, the sportsman had to undergo emergency surgery and spent weeks in a coma before slowly recovering some abilities like walking. However, the brain damage ended his once-bright future in hockey.

Nonetheless, Léveillé refused to let this tragedy stop him from finding purpose.

Rather than dwelling on his lost athletic dreams, he admirably devoted himself to creating the Centre Normand-Léveillé, a therapeutic centre for people overcoming major disabilities like he did.

Normand Léveillé Health 2023

Despite the devastating brain injury that ended his professional hockey career prematurely, Normand “Norm” Léveillé has gone on to live a meaningful life dedicated to serving others.

Now in his 60s, Léveillé seems to be in a healthy and stable condition after recovering from the rupture of his cerebral aneurysm decades ago.

Rather than recede into retirement, Léveillé actively devoted his energies to making a positive difference for people facing major disabilities, having gone through intensive rehabilitation himself.

Normand Léveillé accident
                                                                Normandis the founder and CEO of Centre Normand-Léveillé (Source: Pinterest))

He took the initiative to establish the Centre Normand-Léveillé, a specialised therapy centre providing critical support and resources for those recovering from disabling conditions, just as he did.

Located in the city of Drummondville within Quebec’s Centre-du-Québec region, Léveillé built the therapy centre from the ground up and continues to lead it today as the nonprofit’s founder and president.

Under his compassionate leadership, the centre empowers people with rehabilitation needs to regain function and live fulfilling lives, filling a vital community role.

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