Noddy Holder Children: Meet Daughter Jessica And Charisse Holder

Noddy Holder Children

Who are Noddy Holder children? The musician has three children from two different marriages. His children are Jessica, Charisse and Django Holder.

Noddy Holder is an English musician, songwriter, and actor. He was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the popular 1970s rock band Slade.

Noddy had a unique and powerful voice, and with bass guitarist Jim Lea, he co-wrote many of Slade’s hit songs.

After leaving Slade in 1992, Holder ventured into television and radio. He notably starred in the ITV comedy-drama series “The Grimleys” from 1999 to 2001.

In November 2022, The musician was a part of a Christmas advertising campaign for the high street retailer Iceland.

Moreover, Nddy enthusiastically shouted the iconic slogan “It’s Christmas” from Slade’s hit song “Merry Xmas Everybody.”

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Noddy Holder Children: Meet Daughter Jessica And Charisse Holder

Noddy Holder Children are an essential part of his life. He has three children named Jessica, Charise, and Djnago Holder.

Noddy Holder Children
Noddy Holder Children from his previous marriage are Jessica and Charisse Holder. (Source: Pinterest)

Two of the singer’s children. Jessica and Charisse were from his previous marriage with Leandra Russell in 1976.

His two daughters have been a significant part of his family and upbringing. In addition to Jessica and Charisse, Holder has a son born when he was 49.

The birth of his son was entirely unexpected for Noddy. He did not anticipate becoming a father again at that stage.

The songwriter thought long and hard about whether having another child was right. Ultimately, he decided to go for it and expressed that it was one of his best decisions.

What makes it even more remarkable is the reason behind his son’s name. The legend and his wife, Suzan, named their son Django after the famous French Gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.

Django Reinhardt is an underrated musician; the name is a tribute to the great musician. This name suits his son well and shows Noddy’s deep connection with music.

When the artist saw his son for the first time, he felt that the name Django was a perfect fit. It is a name that carries meaning and sentiment for Holder and his family.

Despite being a famous artist worldwide, Noddy rarely talks about her daughter. he prefers to keep them away from the radar of the Media.

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Who Is Noddy Holder Wife In 2023?

Noddy Holder, the musical Icon’s wife, is Suzan Price. His partner, who is in her late 50s, is a television producer with an impressive career.

Noddy Holder Children
Noddy Holder child from his current marriage with Suzan Price is Django Holder. (Source: Shutterstock)

Besides, Mrs. Holder has produced ITV’s All Star Mr & Mrs, a celebrity couple quiz show hosted by Philip Schofield and Fern Britton.

More recently, The actor’s lover transitioned into becoming a novelist. She released her debut book, “Shake It Up, Beverly” in June 2022.

The book’s title was inspired by the Beatles’ Iconic 1963 hit “Twist and Shout”. The novel tells the story of a Beatles-obsessed woman in her 50s searching for deep love.

Moreover, Suzan has mentioned that her husband, Mr. Noddy, played a crucial creative role in bringing the book to life. He provided advice throughout the process.

The couple’s relationship has lasted for thirty-three years. They have been married nineteen years since their wedding in 2004.

The Slade’s singer met Suzan while working as a researcher on a TV show. Their shared passion for 1950s music sparked their connection.

The pair has a son together who is 28 years old. Noddy and Suzab’s enduring relationship and family life have played a significant role.

Before Suzan, Noddy was married to a dress designer, Leandra Russell. He was married for eight years before their separation in 1984.

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