Meet Nick Kyrgios Parents Norlaila And Giorgos: Family Tree And Siblings

Nick Kyrgios parents

Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgois is a professional tennis player who hails from Australia. Who are Nick Kyrgios parents, Noilaila and Giorgos? Find out. 

The renowned sportsman reached his highest ranking in ATP singles at number 13 on October 24, 2016.

Throughout his career, Nick has won seven singles titles on the ATP Tour, including the Washington Open in 2019 and 2022.

He has also made it to eleven finals, notably reaching the championship match at the 2022 Wimbledon Championships and the Masters 1000 final at the 2017 Cincinnati Masters.

In doubles, Kyrgios achieved a career-best ranking of number 11 in the world on November 7, 2022.

He won a major doubles title at the 2022 Australian Open and reached the semifinals of the Miami Open on two occasions, both times partnering with Thanasi Kokkinakis.

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Meet Nick Kyrgios Parents Norlaila And Giorgos

Born in Canberra, Australia, on April 27, 1995, Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios, also known as Nick Kyrgios, hails from a culturally diverse background.

His father, Giorgos, also named George, is of Greek heritage, while his mother, Norlaila (also known as Nill), is of Malay descent.

The unwavering support and affection of Nick Kyrgios parents have been instrumental in shaping him into the accomplished tennis player he is today.

Nick Kyrgios parents
Nick Kyrgios says his mother is “incredibly sick” (Source: Yahoo Sports Australia)

Nick’s father Giorgos and his mother Norlaila significant roles in his life and have been crucial to his success in the sport.

Their emotional support has been a source of strength for Nick, boosting his confidence and motivating him to push himself to new heights in his tennis career.

Giorgos and Norlaila’s role as pillars of strength and guidance in his life has undoubtedly contributed to his growth as a renowned tennis player, both on and off the court.

Further details about Nick Kyrgios parents, Norlaila and Giorgos, are not available as of the writing of this article.

Nick Kyrgios family tree

There is limited information available about the winner of seven singles titles on the ATP Tour, Nick, and his family.

Nick’s dad, Giorgos, earns a living as a self-employed house painter, while his mom, Norlaila, pursues a career as a computer engineer.

It is worth noting that Nick’s mother was born into the prestigious Selangor royal family in Malaysia.

However, when she decided to relocate to Australia during her twenties, she made the choice to relinquish her title as a princess.

Nick Kyrgios parents
A young Nick Kyrgios is with his mum Norlaila, (Source: Daily Mail)

This decision marked a significant transition in her life, demonstrating her determination to embark on a new journey in a different country.

In addition to his family, Nick is currently in a relationship with Costeen Hatzi, and it appears that their romantic journey began in 2022, as indicated by their posts on Instagram.

Costeen is known as a social media influencer and internet personality, boasting a substantial following on her Instagram account.

Nick Kyrgios siblings

Kyrgios has siblings who have pursued diverse career paths. His older sister, Halimah, has found her passion in dance and musical theatre.

She currently works as a voice and performance coach, sharing her expertise with aspiring performers.

Based in Hong Kong, Halimah guides individuals in honing their skills and developing their talents in the realms of dance and musical theatre.

Nick Kyrgios parents
Nick Kyrgios’ sister Halimah, 31, says the tennis star’s bad boy will never change. (Source: Daily Mail)

On the other hand, the pro tennis player’s brother, Christos, has chosen a career in the fitness industry.

As a fitness trainer, Christos helps individuals improve their physical well-being and achieve their fitness goals.

The Kyrgios sibling’s diverse career choices reflect their individual passions and interests.

Each of them has found their niche in different fields, showcasing their unique talents and skills.

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