Neri Naig Scandal Amid Leaked Video Gone Viral On Telegram

Neri Naig Scandal

Neri Naig Scandal, which unfolded in August 2013, cast a distressing spotlight on privacy intrusion in the digital age.

Neri Naig ‘s real name is Nerizza Garcia Presnede Naig Miranda. She is a prominent Filipina actress known for contributing to the entertainment industry.

Neri first came into the public eye through her participation in the reality show “Star Circle Quest.” It was broadcast on ABS-CBN.

Although Naig did not secure the title, her participation in teh show marked teh beginning of her journey in the world of the Philippine show biz.

After a brief hiatus, Neri has made a remarkable comeback in her career. She has graced various television showing her acting skills.

Moreover, Naig starred in “Ang Panday,” “Yasabella” and many more. Notably, her role as a vampire in the series “Immortal” was exceptional and fan favorite.

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Neri Naig Scandal

The “Neri Naig Scandal” is a distressing episode in the actress’s life. On August 3, 2013, a troubling incident occurred.

Neri Naig Scandal
Neri Naig Scandal includes an intimate leaked video featuring her and her boyfriend, Chito. (Source: Soundcloud)

Three explicit video snippets featuring Chito Miranda engaging in intimate acts with three different women were leaked on YouTube.

The video snippets with the other two women were swiftly taken down. However, a video involving Neri Naig gained notoriety as it circulated on various blogs and social media platforms.

Chito Miranda, vis Twitter account and social media platforms, expressed his dismay. He revealed that his room had recently been burglarized.

Among Chito’s stolen items was a hard disk drive containing personal photo and video files. He apologized to both his and Neri’s families for the distressing situation.

A second, more explicit video clip, distinct from the initial one with the Filipino star, was uploaded on a Facebook page. The video was 11 minutes and 20 seconds.

The scandal not only invaded the privacy of the involved but also ignited a broader conversation about teh digital security and ethical boundaries surrounding personal content.

In February 2016, teh Cebu regional Trial court, Branch 5, issued a warrant of arrest against Neri and her road manager. They faced charges of libel.

According to the Cybercrime Prevention Act 2012, they shared an instagram photo that falsely depicted two individuals as fraud sellers of a digital camera.

Also, regarding the culprit behind the leakage of their intimate video and loot of Chito’s house, there were no official statements of their arrest.

Nonetheless, the video was taken down by the NBI. There are still leaked videos of Neri circulating on the social media platform.

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Neri Naig Leaked Video Gone Viral On Telegram

The Filipino star’s  Leaked Video went viral On Telegram in a situation that unfolded when intimate videos of Neri and her boyfriend became widely shared on Telegram.

Neri Naig Scandal
Neri Naig and her boyfriend Chito were brutally trolled after their sex video was leaked. (Source: Philippine Star)

A former “Star Circle Quest” contestant expressed her feelings of devastation when the videos first surfaced online. She secluded herself for two weeks.

Furthermore, TV actresses struggled to cope with teh situation. However, she found solace in teh support and understanding she received from various sources.

Naig was grateful to individuals who showed compassion and assistance during this challenging time.

Among her supporters, The Filipino star thanked DMV management and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

The incident raised concerns about privacy and cybercrimes. It led to an investigation by the NBI to punish teh culprit.

The person responsible for leaking teh videos could face imprisonment and fines if found guilty under the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act.

Neri’s journey through the event is a reminder of teh importance of empathy and support during challenging times.

Regardless of the trolls and hate the Filipino reality star faced, she rose above all those allegations. She especially thanks the people who showed their support to her and Chito.

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