Natanael Cano Accident, Dead Or Alive? Crash News Injury And Bio

Natanael Cano

Natanael Cano accident has been the most searched question on the internet as fans are curious to know about the update regarding him. This article will provide you with insight on his crash news injury and bio as well.

A rapper and singer-songwriter from Mexico, Natanael Cano. He is most recognized for his distinctive fusion of hip-hop music from the United States with traditional Mexican corridos.

The singer has always been interested in music, and he has even performed at family gatherings and other events when he was invited.

The musician started off by mostly uploading guitar cover videos on YouTube and eventually developed into performing in underground venues. He has been active in the industry since 2017.

Moreover, with his talent, the artist has been able to win over many people, creating admirers all around the world.

Natanael Cano Accident:  is he Dead Or Alive?

The singer-songwriter was badly hurt in a motorcycle accident on December 2. From his hospital bed, he posted a number of images and videos to his Instagram stories.

Fortunately, hip-hop music is still alive. However, the horrifying accident did bring him to tears, as per the news outlets.

Natanael Cano
Because of his widespread recognition for his rendition of this corridos subgenre, the musician may be regarded as the king of corridos tumbados.
(Source: Instagram)

In the stories that are no longer available, the musician also revealed how he flew off the motorcycle. On the road, motorcycle riders are less protected and more exposed, leading them to suffer great losses.

Moreover, people on the internet have wished for a fast recovery through social media platforms.

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Natanael Cano Crash News and Injury – explored

On December 20, 2022, the news broke out that the Mexican rapper had a terrible motorbike accident.

The singer also described that he flew off his motorcycle on his social media platforms, which are not available now.

However, there have been screen recordings and videos that have been shared by several of his fans on the social media platform.

Natanael Cano accident
The musician had an serious motor bike accident leading up to major leg injury. (Source: Instagram)

According to Otakukart, the artist endured many minor wounds as well as one serious wound.

In addition, as per the performer’s Instagram posts, it seems like he also had major injuries to his leg, as he shared a picture of himself in a wheelchair.

Moreover, the artist has not updated much about his health at the moment. Thus, there is not much information regarding his health update.

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Natanael Cano Bio – explored

The rapper was born on May 1, 2001, in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. He is most recognized for his distinctive fusion of hip-hop music from the United States with traditional Mexican corridos.

The singer stands out because he was the first performer to publicly combine this variety of the two genres.

The musician left school and recorded his debut song, “El de los lentes Gucci,” which he later dubbed “corridos tumbados,” fusing hip-hop and trap with corridos for the first time.

Natanael Cano
The musician was honored with Premios Juventud award for for Spicy Regional Song. (Source: Instagram)

In March 2019, Cano signed with the urban regional Mexican label Rancho Humilde, situated in Los Angeles.

Early on in his musical career, the singer drew substantially from the corridos by local Mexican musicians Gerardo Ortz and Ariel Camacho that he listened to growing up.

Moreover, in a short period of time, the talented star was able to rise in fame. He currently has over 5 million followers on his social media platforms.


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