NASCAR: Duane Tabinski Obituary Death Cause And Family

Duane Tabinski

People are searching for Duane Tabinski obituary and his death cause. In this article, you can find more details about the case.

Duane Tabinski is a renowned NASCAR contractor and the visionary behind DUANE, his event production company.

He tragically lost his life at the Chicago Street Race site on Friday.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that Tabinski’s untimely demise resulted from electrocution.

With over three decades of experience in the industry, he was an esteemed audio specialist. 

He was known for his exceptional skills in producing live events encompassing audio, video, lighting, and staging.

Throughout his career, he has collaborated with renowned artists such as Toby Keith, ZZ Top, Bob Dylan, and Katy Perry.

NASCAR: Duane Tabinski Obituary

Duane Tabinski, a dedicated audio professional, tragically passed away on June 30, 2023, Friday, at the downtown site of the Chicago Street Race, where he was electrocuted.

Following his untimely demise, numerous media outlets paid tribute to his memory.

In a message shared on social media, the DUANE team expressed shock and sorrow, notifying the public of Tabinski’s passing.

They highlighted his unwavering passion for delivering a superior audio experience to others, showcasing his selfless and compassionate nature.

Duane Tabinski Obituary
Duane Tabinski obituary: He passed away at Chicago Street Race. (Source: Twitter)

The team pledged to provide further updates in due course.

NASCAR extended its sympathies to Duane’s family and loved ones, highlighting their cooperation with local authorities during this difficult time.

In an email to the Sun-Times, Kristin Tabinski, Duane’s wife, conveyed her overwhelming devastation.

She expressed his enthusiasm for immersing fans in the exciting action. 

She reassured everyone that his crew would ensure the show’s continuation over the weekend, thus honoring his legacy.

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Duane Tabinski Death Cause 

Tabinski tragically died from an electrocution incident at the Chicago Street Race site.

The unfortunate incident occurred in an area known as a “padlock,” where high-voltage electricity was flowing.

The Chicago police reported that at around 11:30 a.m., he was rushed to the hospital.

He was taken from the 500 block of South Columbus Drive, near Buckingham Fountain, to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Duane Tabinski
Tabinski was a contractor for preparing NASCAR’s Chicago Street Race Weekend. (Source: People)

Local paramedics worked continuously to revive him at the scene, but their efforts proved unsuccessful.

Subsequently, he was transported to a nearby hospital in Chicago, where he was officially declared deceased.

In an official statement, NASCAR referred to the incident as a “fatal medical emergency.” 

However, no further information has been disclosed regarding the specifics of the incident.

It has been revealed that Tabinski was setting up his original TracPac systems before the grandstands when the electrocution occurred.

An autopsy on Saturday confirmed that his cause of death was accidental contact with electrical wires.

Duane Tabinski Family explored

Duane passed away at 53, leaving behind a remarkable legacy.

As the founder of DUANE, his contributions to the field were widely recognized and admired.

Beyond his professional achievements, he was a loving husband to Kristin Tabinski, his wife of eight years.

In her fond memory, Kristin described him as a kind, loving individual with a great sense of humor.

HIs family includes his five children and nine grandchildren.

Duane Tabinski wife
Duane and his wife Kristin have been married for eight years. (Source: brightspotcdn)

He cherished the holiday seasons, eagerly traveling with his wife to visit with friends and family.

Furthermore, Forrest and Henry were his beloved dogs, whom he cared for devotedly.

Nascar selected him to handle the audio setup for their pre-race celebrations.

Recently, he played a significant role at CMA Fest 2023. Excitingly, he had plans to lend his expertise to future NASCAR events.

The untimely passing of Tabinski has left a void in the industry, leaving colleagues and fans mourning the loss of his immense talent and contributions.

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