Nacole Smith Murder After Rape Solved In 2023: Killer Died Of Kidney Failure In 2022

Nacole Smith Murder

Nacole Smith Murder: After more than a quarter-century, a cold case is finally resolved, bringing closure and mixed emotions to victims’ families.

Nacole Smith was a 14-year-old girl who tragically became the victim of a horrifying crime. She was sexually assaulted and murdered in Atlanta, Georgia.

She was walking to school when she realized she had forgotten an assignment at home.

She turned back and took a shortcut through a wooded area near her home. It was there that she was attacked, sexually assaulted, and shot twice in the face by an unknown assailant.

The case remained unsolved for many years until advancements in DNA technology and forensic genealogy led to the identification of Kevin Arnold as the likely perpetrator.

The DNA evidence collected from Nacole’s crime scene was linked to another sexual assault case in 2004, providing a key breakthrough.

However, Kevin Arnold had already passed away before being charged or arrested for the crimes.

Let’s read more about Nacole Smith murder and rape case details in the article below.

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Nacole Smith Murder After Rape Solved In 2023

The decades-long mystery surrounding the brutal rape and murder of 14-year-old Nacole Smith in 1995 has finally been resolved in 2023.

Through persistent investigative efforts, DNA testing, and genealogy tools, authorities were able to identify a suspect in the case.

The breakthrough came after years of tireless work by law enforcement, who were able to match the DNA profile to evidence from the crime scene.

Nacole Smith Murder
Another victim, Betty Brown who was attacked when she was 13-year-olds in nearby East Point, Georgia brought light to Nacole’s murder case (Source: Daily Mail)

While the perpetrator had already passed away due to kidney failure, this resolution brought a mixture of closure and pain for the victim’s family.

Although justice could not be served in the conventional sense, the identification of the suspect provided some answers and closure to a family that had lived with the trauma of Nacole’s tragic death for nearly three decades.

The case serves as a testament to the advancements in forensic technology and the unwavering dedication of law enforcement in seeking justice for victims of unsolved crimes.

Nacole Smith Murder Case Update: Killer Died Of Kidney Failure In 2022

In a bittersweet turn of events, the long-awaited resolution of the Nacole Smith murder case came in 2023 when authorities revealed that the suspect had died of kidney failure in 2022.

The case, which had remained unsolved for nearly three decades, took a new direction with advancements in DNA testing and genealogy tools.

The identification of the suspect was a result of years of relentless investigative work by law enforcement.

Nacole Smith Murder
The Nacole Smith murder case, a haunting crime that occurred in 1995, took an unexpected turn in 2022 when the alleged perpetrator, Kevin Arnold, died of kidney failure (Source: FOX 5 Atlanta)

While the closure provided a semblance of relief to the victim’s family, the news that the perpetrator had escaped justice due to his passing brought a complex mix of emotions.

Acquenellia Smith, Nacole’s mother, expressed both a sense of closure and lingering pain, as she grappled with the realization that her daughter’s assailant would never face the consequences of his heinous crime.

Nacole Smith Family

The family of Nacole Smith, the 14-year-old victim of a brutal rape and murder in 1995, has experienced a rollercoaster of emotions over the decades.

The pain of losing their beloved daughter and sister has been compounded by years of uncertainty as the case remained unsolved.

In 2023, the family received a bittersweet closure when authorities announced that a suspect had been identified through DNA evidence and genealogy tools.

Nacole Smith Murder
Acquenellia Smith, Nacole’s mother, expressed a complex array of emotions, from relief at finally having some answers to the enduring pain of her daughter’s loss (Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

However, their hope for justice was further complicated by the news that the suspect had died of kidney failure in 2022.

Acquenellia Smith, Nacole’s mother, shared her conflicting emotions, acknowledging the closure this development brought while expressing the enduring pain of never truly seeing the perpetrator held accountable.

The family’s journey exemplifies the resilience and strength required to navigate the aftermath of a tragedy, as well as the complex emotions tied to the pursuit of justice and closure.

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