Mr Ibu Wife Stella Maris Okafor, Married Life And Kids

Mr Ibu Wife

Mr Ibu Wife Stella Maris Okafor, is into culinary, particularly her kitchen mastery.

John Ikechukwu Okafor, widely recognized by his stage name, Mr. Ibu, is a renowned Nigerian actor and comedian born on October 17, 1961.

With a prolific career spanning several decades, he has become a beloved icon in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Mr. Ibu has left an indelible mark with his exceptional talent, featuring in over 200 Nollywood movies that have captivated audiences worldwide.

His notable films include “Mr. Ibu” (2004), “Mr. Ibu and His Son,” “Coffin Producers,” “Husband Suppliers,” “International Players,” “Mr. Ibu in London” (2004), “Police Recruit” (2003), “9 Wives” (2005), “Ibu in Prison” (2006), and “Keziah” (2007).

His unique comedic style and remarkable acting prowess have endeared him to fans, making him a household name in Nigeria and beyond.

Mr. Ibu’s contributions to the entertainment industry continue to inspire and entertaining generations, cementing his legacy as one of Nigeria’s most iconic actors and comedians.

Mr Ibu Wife Stella Maris Okafor

Stella Maris Chinyere Okafor, affectionately known as “Chibest” or “First Class,” is the current wife of the renowned Nigerian actor and comedian Mr. Ibu (John Ikechukwu Okafor).

Hailing from Mbaise in Imo State, Nigeria, Stella Maris is recognized as the wife of a famous personality and has also carved her niche.

Mr Ibu Wife
Mr Ibu with his wife and kids. (source: premiumtimesng)

She is celebrated for her exceptional culinary skills, particularly her kitchen mastery, where she dazzles with her cooking prowess.

Stella Maris gained widespread recognition for creating the renowned “Ibu stew,” a delectable recipe she developed.

This dish has become immensely popular in various parts of Nigeria, including Enugu, Awka, and Lagos.

Despite facing challenges in her marriage, including accusations of infidelity and domestic violence in February 2023, the couple appeared to have reconciled, as evidenced by a heartwarming video on social media.

This incident showcased the complexity of their relationship, demonstrating both struggles and moments of reconciliation.

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Mr Ibu’s Married Life

Mr. Ibu, the beloved Nigerian actor and comedian, has had an intriguing marital journey.

He has been married twice, with his current wife being Stella Maris Chinyere Okafor.

Mr Ibu Wife
Mr Ibu with his wife, Stella. (source: Zambian observer)

Their union was solidified through the Igbo-traditional wedding ceremony on May 25, 2010, followed by a white wedding in 2015.

Mr. Ibu holds his wife in high regard, considering her a divine gift. Details about his first marriage remain relatively undisclosed.

Still, he has openly discussed its failure in interviews, revealing that the experience left him with painful memories and led him to avoid relationships for six years.

Despite the challenges of his past, Mr. Ibu found happiness and stability in his marriage to Stella Maris.

Their enduring relationship is a testament to his resilience and the joy he has found in his current marital life.

Through his public persona and personal trials, Mr. Ibu’s journey reflects the complexities of love, marriage, and the pursuit of lasting happiness.

Mr. Ibu Kids

John Okafor, fondly known as Mr. Ibu, is a family man with four children, although tragically, one of them is late, leaving him with three surviving children.

While not much is publicly known about his children, they have occasionally appeared in social media posts and videos.

In October 2022, a heartwarming family celebration marked Mr. Ibu’s 62nd birthday, where his wife, children, and daughter gathered to celebrate the special occasion.

One notable member of his family is Jasmine Okafor, his adopted daughter, who played a significant role in Mr. Ibu’s life.

In February 2023, she stood by her father, refuting allegations made by Mr. Ibu’s second wife, Stella Maris, who claimed Mr. Ibu suffered from dementia and was being manipulated.

Jasmine clarified that her father had no memory issues and that Stella Maris was aware of her status as his adopted daughter before their marriage.

Additionally, Jasmine had her life outside the family sphere, having filed for divorce from her UK-based husband in November 2022, citing issues regarding his previous relationships and dishonesty.

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